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What happened at the Transfiguration?

Q: I love this site. I have been reading TUB off and on since 1975, and am continually amazed by its light. I have a question about a discrepancy I found: Paper 35:1.2 states that Gabriel and the Father Melchizadek are never both away from Salvington at the same time, yet we read in paper 158:1.6 that they were together on Urantia for the Mount of Transfiguration, which would seemingly contradict the earlier paper... Any thoughts? Thank you in advance, and again for this excellent site!

A: Thanks for writing to us with this question. And thanks for the encouraging words about Truthbook. We are delighted that you find our site helpful, and hope that you come back again and again! It is for people just like you that we are here...

I was not able to find a ready answer, as there seems to be no place in the text that addresses your question. So, I asked a couple long-time readers to weigh in, and this response is a composite of all of our ideas:

The Transfiguration is, in fact, a once-in-a-local-universe-history event—happening only because of and in relation to the terminal bestowal of Michael. Given that, I don't think we can fault the revelators for saying that the policy is for one of them to always be on Salvington. I take the view that the authors have permission to use language as it is commonly used—by most of us most of the time—unless they're making some point about which the language must be philosophically or scientifically precise for the ideas to be transmitted.

Using this event as an example, if they had to be precise with every word and phrase, and if it's true that this is a one-time occurrence in any local universe, they'd have to detail this one exception in the Paper 35 discussion about universe administration where it would be ridiculously out of context and hardly to the point they were making about the general universe responsibilities of Gabriel and the Father Melchizedek.

One could have the opinion that this issue might have been addressed in the section on the Transfiguration, but The Midway Commission who authored Part IV of The Urantia Book may not have seen fit to address this issue for some reason unknown to us. Perhaps to them, this special set of circumstances surrounding the Transfiguration was unique enough in and of itself to warrant this seeming omission, which could have been seen as an unnecessary diversion. Maybe we'll never know, but I wonder how important it really is to know?

In the larger scheme of things, this is a minor blip on the screen of the overall revelation, and I would not be overly concerned about it. This relatively brief diversion from universe policy might be understood better when we read this:

(114:0.4) Urantia is not without proper and effective supervision from the system, constellation, and universe rulers. But the planetary government is unlike that of any other world in the Satania system, even in all Nebadon. This uniqueness in your plan of supervision is due to a number of unusual circumstances:

114:0.5 1. The life modification status of Urantia.

114:0.6 2. The exigencies of the Lucifer rebellion.

114:0.7 3. The disruptions of the Adamic default.

114:0.8 4. The irregularities growing out of the fact that Urantia was one of the bestowal worlds of the Universe Sovereign. Michael of Nebadon is the Planetary Prince of Urantia.

114:0.9 5. The special function of the twenty-four planetary directors.

114:0.10 6. The location on the planet of an archangels' circuit.

114:0.11 7. The more recent designation of the onetime incarnated Machiventa Melchizedek as vicegerent Planetary Prince.

This passage tells us that things do not go according to plan here on Urantia, and so, we should not be too surprised when special circumstances have called for special measures. The fact that the information about this "extraordinary event" does not strictly correlate with the previous information about the universe roles of Father Melchizedek and Gabriel seems to me to be a minor discrepancy.

Thanks again for writing to us with your question. I hope this reply is helpful to you. I wish I could have given you a more definitive answer, but sometimes, we just have to accept what is, and be flexible as to these minute details of the revelation.

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