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What does it mean to be saved?

Q: What does it mean to be saved?

A: I want to thank you for writing to us here at TruthBook.com with your question about salvation, or "being saved." It is a good question, and one that many people think about, wonder about, and of course, we all want to experience it.

You've written to a website that is dedicated to the teachings of The Urantia Book, a 21st century revelation of God to mankind. Among other things, the book spends a lot of time on this subject of salvation, and what it means to be saved. It is a very big subject.

I want to start with this short, but very comforting quote about salvation from its pages:

Human salvation is real; it is based on two realities which may be grasped by the creature's faith and thereby become incorporated into individual human experience: the fact of the fatherhood of God and its correlated truth, the brotherhood of man. It is true, after all, that you are to be "forgiven your debts, even as you forgive your debtors."(188:4.13)

Salvation into eternal life is part of God's plan for mankind. Anyone and everyone who desires it will receive it. Anyone who has faith in something greater and better than this earthly life will experience survival after death. When we survive—when we awaken from the sleep of death—we will possess our personality, our mind, and the best of our memories. We then begin what The Urantia Book calls "our real life, the ascending life, to which your present mortal state is but the vestibule."

You carry within you a spark—an actual fragment—of God himself, and this indwelling Spirit is your assurance that salvation is yours, if you choose it. This good Spirit ever leads you upward, and awakens in you this desire to understand and to achieve salvation.

Jesus showed us the way to salvation:

"Jesus lived and died for a whole universe, not just for the races of this one world. While the mortals of the realms had salvation even before Jesus lived and died on Urantia, it is nevertheless a fact that his bestowal on this world greatly illuminated the way of salvation; his death did much to make forever plain the certainty of mortal survival after death in the flesh.

"Though it is hardly proper to speak of Jesus as a sacrificer, a ransomer, or a redeemer, it is wholly correct to refer to him as a savior. He forever made the way of salvation (survival) more clear and certain; he did better and more surely show the way of salvation for all the mortals of all the worlds of the universe of Nebadon."(188:4.6)

Many people think that they have to do something special, or be something special, or believe something special in order to be saved. The teachings of The Urantia Book reveal to us that the only thing we need is FAITH. And this faith is a choice that we can make right here and now. Even if it is a weak faith, it doesn't matter. We learn that even the "faintest flicker of faith" is sufficient to propel us into eternal life—to save us. God is no respecter of persons, and this is especially true for salvation. All of God's children have the same opportunity for entrance into eternal life, no matter what religion we belong to, no matter what our station in life, no matter what our material handicaps may be.

Since this is such a big subject, I think you'll be best served by taking advantage of the text of The Urantia Book for the best information. I invite you to look over our topical study on Salvation HERE. It is full of quotes from The Urantia Book; many are quotes from Jesus, and all of them will lead you into more of the text when you click on the links. In addition, you can take advantage of our convenient search feature to find even more information about this wonderful subject

I also would invite you to have a look at our webpage dedicated to the subject of Life After Death. There, you'll be able to view our short flash video called "After You Die" which relates the exact process by which a human soul is saved after death. This is a process that has been little understood before the revelation of The Urantia Book, and I hope you'll enjoy it.

Finally, I think you'll really enjoy reading about the "Survival of the Human Self" HERE We learn in this section that our real self, our true self—our soul—is what survives. And we can do our best here and now, to make our soul strong and indestructible by our continued freewill choosing to do the will of God.

Thanks again for this important question. I hope that my reply has been helpful to you today.

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