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Violence by law-enforcement

Q: If someone works as a police officer, and sometimes has to resort to killing criminals, how would the Ancients of Days evaluate such a personality?

A: I certainly cannot speak for the Ancients of Days, but I do know that the state has the right to protect its citizens; that is why we have laws and law-enforcement, such as the police force. If, in the execution of their duties, a "criminal" is killed by a police officer, it is often a case of perceived defense against harm to the individual officer, or to society-at-large. Until society has evolved to such a degree that its citizenry is governed by individual self-control, such unfortunate occurrences are inevitable.

In his Discourse on Sonship and Citizenship, Jesus said:

"The kingdoms of this world, being material, may often find it necessary to employ physical force in the execution of their laws and for the maintenance of order."

In our society, much scrutiny is usually attached to street killings by police officers—investigations are made, and judgments rendered right here on earth as to the guilt or innocence of the officer. As for the eternal consequences, that is impossible for any of us to rightly determine.

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