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Are you making a Urantia religion about Jesus?

Q: Good day to you...I stumbled on your website thinking it's a site that deals with more information on Jesus' works. I'm quite surprised that you are trying to carve out an entirely new Urantia religion for Jesus. Well I'm only curious to know what is in The Urantia Book and what it says about Jesus.

One more question please, it appears there's a synergy between you and other religions; now if this is so, specifically what do you make of the Islamic version of Jesus and does Muhammad really come in as a prophet whom Jesus had talked about?

I will appreciate your response on these issues.


Thank you for taking the time to write to us at Truthbook.com. You have stumbled upon a website that deals with more information on Jesus... just like you were hoping for. This link will take you to our dedicated Jesus page, from which you can navigate to many more links to Urantia Book teachings about Jesus

The Urantia Book isn’t a religionin and of itself, although it contains much about religious history, its evolutionary and revelatory roots, meanings and values; nor is our site trying to create a Urantia religion from the teachings of the book. Besides religion, The Urantia Book contains much that is meaningful in the areas of spirituality, cosmology, astronomy, geology, physics, philosophy, ... you’ve discovered some of its religious implications; there are other avenues to uncover there as well.

If one reads The Urantia Book, and most specifically Part IV, The Life and Teachings of Jesus, one will discover that Jesus lived a certain kind of religion peculiar to himself. Jesus was not a Christian, nor did he found the Christian church; his brand of religion was a spontaneous, prayerful form of personal religious experience between himself and God. He developed this religion from an early age.

123:3.6 During this year [Jesus' sixth year] Joseph and Mary had trouble with Jesus about his prayers. He insisted on talking to his heavenly Father much as he would talk to Joseph, his earthly father. This departure from the more solemn and reverent modes of communication with Deity was a bit disconcerting to his parents, especially to his mother, but there was no persuading him to change; he would say his prayers just as he had been taught, after which he insisted on having "just a little talk with my Father in heaven."

Throughout his life, Jesus went off by himself frequently to commune with the Father in much this same fashion of father/child communion. Over his life, this "religion of the spirit" dominated his life. Read Jesus' Discourse on True Religion  for the Master's own thoughts and words about this daring method of living an orginal and spontaneous religious life, free of dogma and stultifying rules, what Jesus himself described as "a new religion—a religion which is not a religion in the present-day meaning of that word, a religion that makes its chief appeal to the divine spirit of my Father which resides in the mind of man; a religion which shall derive its authority from the fruits of its acceptance that will so certainly appear in the personal experience of all who really and truly become believers in the truths of this higher spiritual communion.”

We can only hope that a synergy will result between the teachings of The Urantia Book and other religions — it’s a slow and gradual process. If you read the link that I gave you in the paragraph above (look for item #2), you can see how many religions have deep and historical roots. These religions of evolutionary origins are valuable as scaffolding for the kind of religion that Jesus talks about. The Urantia Book is new, only having come into existence in 1955 so it has no tradition to rest upon. Its teachings have to tested for their own merit and against one’s personal discernment of truth.

We readers and students of The Urantia Book believe that what it relates about what Jesus said and did is as historically accurate as we will ever encounter since we also believe that The Urantia Book account comes from the records the angels keep relating to our lives. Jesus made no prophetic pronouncements about Mohammed; Mohammed was a prophet 600 years after Jesus' time.

As I understand it, the Jesus of Islam isn’t much different from the Jesus portrayed by some Christian sects... a good man, a holy man but not much different from other historical holy men. The Urantia Book corrects that misconception without diminishing the value of the prophets or other holy men.

You can read and listen to The Urantia Book being read on our site – the link is


The Urantia Book can also be purchased from Amazon.com. Simply plug in "Urantia Book" on the Amazon site for a host of buying options

I would recommend either the paperback or hard cover indexed versions which also come with a DVD containing the full text of the book that can be loaded onto your computer; from that you can produce individual audio CDs to listen to whenever or wherever it’s convenient.

Thank you for your note and for your comments. Please feel free to write any time.

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