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Could Urantia be the future capital of the Grand Universe?

You asked: Does UB teaching exclude the idea that Urantia is the future capital of the completed Grand Universe, not just one in 10 million, but 1 in megabillions? Location, condition, choice by Michael, 7th Superuniverse Father-Son-Spirit finality?

Thanks so much for this question to us here at TruthBook. It is an interesting one, and something that I have never thought about before.

Urantia certainly has a lot of cache, owing to the choice of it as Christ Michael's bestowal planet for the entire local universe of Nebadon, but I wonder if that is enough to qualify it for the eventual capital of the Grand Universe? Remember, Orvonton is only one of seven superuniverses, and all have local universes, each with a Creator Son.

I don't think we are told all that much about any of these other Sons and their missions; of course, ours is of great importance to us, but I suspect the other six are just as important to their inhabitants. I looked around in the search, and did not find a lot concerning these other Creator Sons; maybe you have some specific passage that makes you think about this issue? I did find a passage about a speculative capital of "such a tremendous material universe..." but not really any information other than that.

11:2.1 Since you are beginning to glimpse the enormousness of the material universe discernible even from your astronomical location, your space position in the starry systems, it should become evident to you that such a tremendous material universe must have an adequate and worthy capital, a headquarters commensurate with the dignity and infinitude of the universal Ruler of all this vast and far-flung creation of material realms and living beings.

You also mentioned the Seventh Master Spirit in this regard, and I found this passage about that:

16:3.14 Master Spirit Number Seven. The presiding Spirit of the seventh superuniverse is a uniquely equal portrayal of the Universal Father, the Eternal Son, and the Infinite Spirit. The Seventh Spirit, the fostering adviser of all triune-origin beings, is also the adviser and director of all the ascending pilgrims of Havona, those lowly beings who have attained the courts of glory through the combined ministry of the Father, the Son, and the Spirit.

That is a pretty significant passage, as it definitely places our superuniverse into a more complete connection with all other six superuniverses whose inhabitants will eventually pass into the central Universe of Havona.

Further, we see a special connection of this Seventh Master Spirit with the evolving God the Supreme:

16:3.15 The Seventh Master Spirit is not organically representative of the Paradise Trinity; but it is a known fact that his personal and spiritual nature is the Conjoint Actor's portraiture in equal proportions of the three infinite persons whose Deity union is the Paradise Trinity, and whose function as such is the source of the personal and spiritual nature of God the Supreme. Hence the Seventh Master Spirit discloses a personal and organic relationship to the spirit person of the evolving Supreme. Therefore in the Master Spirit councils on high, when it becomes necessary to cast the ballot for the combined personal attitude of the Father, Son, and Spirit or to depict the spiritual attitude of the Supreme Being, it is Master Spirit Number Seven who functions. He thus inherently becomes the presiding head of the Paradise council of the Seven Master Spirits.

Information about rebellion on other universes is lacking in The Urantia Book. Maybe, owing to the process of recovery from such a terrible event, our superuniverse, and Nebadon in particular, may become some sort of example in future. And our lowly little planet may at some time become an example of the least becoming the greatest.

In addition, Michael has become a Master Son, a special designation earned by those Creator Sons who have completed the full bestowal process into their respective creations, although I suspect that this is not a particularly rare designation as far as Creator Sons go...at the same time, probably other Master Sons are not murdered on the worlds of their bestowal, as Jesus was. This alone likely marks Christ Michael as quite remarkable.

As far as I know, this is all pure speculation. Nothing wrong with that; The Urantia Book opens our minds to possibilities that we may never have entertained without it. In any event, I was not able to find anything that would "exclude the idea that Urantia is the future capital of the completed Grand Universe..."

Thanks so much for this question...it's a good and thoughtful one! I hope my reply is helpful.

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