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Urantia Book and Sikhism

Q: Hope this mail of mine finds you in the very best of health and happiness. Can you please expain to me what this Urantia Book is all about? What is the history of this book? And another thing: your site's name is TruthBook.com, so according to this title you have to cover every subject—not only about Jesus. I have studied more than this site about Jesus; he was a nothing but the reincarnation of the Lords, ok? So try to cover all the subjects apart from Jesus...

A: I see by your name that you are a Sikh, that you've sent to us an attractive document on the beliefs of Hinduism, and that the belief in reincarnation is a major factor in your belief system. We honor your beliefs and recognize them as a force for good in the world – -may God be with you.

Can I explain to you what The Urantia Book is all about? No, I'm sorry I cannot. It is a revelation and a cosmology; it contains 196 chapters and over a million words, chapters that focus on the nature of God, on the creation of the knowable universe, on the creation of life in that universe, on the evolution of the material universe, on the implantation of life and how it has progressed on this planet, how mankind has evolved and evolved his civilizations, societies, cultures, how God reaches down to make contact as mankind reaches up for that same contact. It gives a history of the world from the perspective of the angels and other beings who have been here over these past millions of years. It is non-sectarian and doesn't espouse any religion. So – -no, I cannot explain what The Urantia Book is all about – -however, it is written just to you, just as it is written just to me, and the only way you can possibly know what it is all about is by reading it for yourself. It's a personal journey and revelation – -a revelation intended just for you and not for me to interpret for you.

So yes, you're right, our site is named TruthBook.com and according to this title this book would have to cover every aspect, not only about Jesus – -and it does just that. The Urantia Book, a revelation for humanity notwithstanding one's religion, culture, race, gender, level of education, social position – -contains what we as human beings need to know in order to become cosmic citizens in an intelligent and friendly universe that teems with intelligent life.

Do you need to read this book? There are no requirements – -it's there if you have questions regarding your life and its true meaning, why and how you as a person were born, where you will go when this life is over, what your ultimate destiny as a creature of free will will be.... or if you have questions regarding the material universe, science, physics, geology, anthropology, or an interest in philosophy, that link between the material and the spiritual. The Urantia Book covers all of this in great detail – -it's an education from top to bottom in cosmic citizenry. If you're satisfied with what you've learned already through your education and through your religion then why spend the time and effort to learn more? But if you still have some lingering questions, if there's still a flicker of wonder at the world about you, if you just have an insatiable desire to know more... as many people do... then you will be delighted, awed, enthralled, uplifted, shaken, challenged, reborn through your association with this book. It is an epochal revelation – -no one reads it with an open and inquiring mind who is not shaken by the encounter. Its study is truly an uplifting, life-altering experience.

I understand your deep conviction to your religion and the teachings of reincarnation. In my youth as a seeker I studied Buddhism, Hinduism, the Hindu religion and Hindu philosophy. I believed I had lived past lives and that I had many more before me and I believed it with all my heart. That's no longer the case – -the teachings of The Urantia Book provide an explanation for life and the meaning of religion in that life that not only transcends the religions of the world, it offers instead a more logical, more meaningful, more enlightened explanation for the progression of life than any earthly religion has yet to offer, including the theory of reincarnation. Should you choose to study this book you will find that it will not rip out beliefs you already hold dear, it will instead supplant them with a deeper way of understanding those beliefs, a way for you to modify and adjust your thinking that is expansive and uplifting. Your Hindu and Sikh beliefs will be fortified and enhanced. There are many readers of The Urantia Book in India, just as there are in all countries. They come from all belief systems and from having had no belief to begin with. Clergy, priests, nuns, ministers, rabbis, monks... practitioners of all forms of religion have discovered that the teachings of The Urantia Book augment and uplift their belief.

I can understand your resistance to teachings aimed specifically at Jesus, particularly since the Hindu religion recognizes so many truly holy men. What it is you're resisting is not Jesus but it is the version of Jesus that the Christian Church has promoted, projected, and forced into the psyches of the peoples of the world. The Jesus of The Urantia Book is Jesus before Paul and the Christian Church took hold of his life and message and turned it into a world religion about Jesus, rather than promoting the religion of Jesus. If you have an interest in learning just why Jesus lived a life among us, what his mission was, what his true teachings were, how they apply to all people of all cultures and to all religions then you will want to read about the true Jesus disclosed by the angels who were present with him during his earth life here.

In any case and for whatever reason, you've stumbled upon something that's much bigger and much more grand than you have any idea of at this moment and that's usually for a purpose. So why not follow that leading – -begin to study. If you feel compelled to resist or reject the teachings then write back and let us know why—we're here to listen. You can read on-line and listen to the words being spoken as you read along – -to begin go here

Best wishes, and thank you for writing. Feel free to write back at any time.

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