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What will happen during the seven years of rapture in heaven?

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This time of the "seven years of rapture in heaven" is one that I had to look up, as I was not familiar with it. I found out that these words are from a Biblical passage referring to a time following the Rapture, when believers will (among other things) be brought to the Judgment Seat and then they will live in Heaven for seven years.

The Urantia Book does not - and Jesus did not - teach anything about the Rapture, as it is familiarly understood by Bible believers. But Jesus did say this about judgment following our lives here on earth:

176:2.7 "Do you not perceive that, when each of you is called to lay down his life struggle and pass through the portal of death, you stand in the immediate presence of judgment, and that you are face to face with the facts of a new dispensation of service in the eternal plan of the infinite Father? What the whole world must face as a literal fact at the end of an age, you, as individuals, must each most certainly face as a personal experience when you reach the end of your natural life and thereby pass on to be confronted with the conditions and demands inherent in the next revelation of the eternal progression of the Father's kingdom."
Jesus made this statement to his apostles in regards to their questions about his promise to return to the earth someday. And what he is saying here is that we will all be called to some sort of accounting when we pass from death to new life in heaven. Part of that accounting will be to understand what kind of life we will face in this new situation and to decide whether we are willing to do what we'll need to do in order to take part in it.

But, far from being a mere seven-year visit, our eternal life is one of endless adventure and opportunity, beginning with our journey to the Father's seven worlds of progress - what Jesus referred to as the Father's "many mansions."

The Urantia Book offers humanity a new revelation of God, of Jesus, and of our earth, including rich details of the afterlife. There are many things in The Urantia Book that parallel the Bible, and there are other things that seem to contradict Bible teachings. But, just as Jesus improved the people's understanding of Scripture in his day, The Urantia Book improves our understanding of Bible theology in our day. It is meant to help us grow in knowledge, spiritual power, and spiritual insight in order to assist us in living successful and happy lives even in our complex modern times by giving us the true facts of God, Jesus, and our eternal destiny.

Thanks again for writing to TruthBook. If you are not familiar with The Urantia Book, I invite you to follow the links I have provided in this reply. It is a revelation for YOU!

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