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The difference between Jesus and Christ

Q: We know that JESUS is the name that came from Heaven, from GOD in JOSEPH. What I wish to know: Is CHRIST also a given name from GOD, or the name that Joseph the parent used?

A: Thank you for your note to TruthBook.com. Let me explain about Jesus' name. The name "Jesus" is the Greek translation of the Hebrew "Yeshua" which is the contracted form of Yehoshua. The English translation of Yehoshua is "Joshua" but since the original Gospels were written in Greek we use the name "Jesus". (from "The Life and Teachings of Jesus", by Preston Thomas) It's interesting to note that whenever one works in a foreign language you find out that things you think wouldn't be translated, are... for example names. In Spanish Adam is Adan, Eve is Eva, Mary is Maria... and the same applies to Jesus' name. Jesus was also most likely called Joshua ben Joseph – -Joshua the son of Joseph.

In The Urantia Book section titled "Gabriel's Announcement to Mary" Gabriel instructed Mary to name her baby Joshua—-in the Hebrew language this would have been Yeshua.

"Christ" is a term that was applied to Jesus primarily after his death, during the period of the formation of the Christian Church. Christ is from the Greek "Christos", literally a translation of the Hebrew word "anointed". The Jewish scriptures taught the coming of one anointed by God who would bring about the kingdom of God on earth. He was also known as the "Deliverer" since he was to deliver his people from their bondage. The word "Messiah" is the Hebrew word for "anointed one"; its Greek form is "Christ." (from "The Life and Teachings of Jesus", by Preston Thomas).

So, Jesus' name was given by Gabriel to Mary. Christ is a designation from the Greek language signifying the divinity of Jesus.

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