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Q: There are people out there that are convinced that a Reserve Corps of Destiny could not possibly exist amongst us but, what better time for this to occur if not now, specially with all the dynamics playing out at all levels on the world stages...? We have the NASA photos taken by Cassini of an Architectural Sphere as referred to in The Urantia Book and a man who is part of the Reserve Corps of Destiny saying that he was taken there and is sharing his insight with us, that should be more than enough to warrant an investigation by the Officials of the Urantia Foundation. Even an amateur astronomer reporting strange phenomena in the night sky from his own back yard to an official astronomy agency is taken more seriously than when I reported the news of (NASA photos and Michael) to the Urantia Foundation. Negligence or incompetence... still not quite sure what to think?

A: Thank you for your note to TruthBook.com. I found some confusion in what you wrote that I'd like to address.

Urantia Foundation is the publisher of The Urantia Book – -that's their primary function. They're not a research organization or an endorsing organization – -their purpose is to publish the book.

The reader organization that would be promoting, endorsing, investigating, would be the Urantia Brotherhood, which is now known as The Urantia Book Fellowship. However, that organization has other priorities than those you've mentioned. We at Truthbook.com, through our discussion board, our FAQ and our Answers to Life's Toughest Questions sections do address the kinds of questions you've brought up to a limited degree. Primarily though, research and investigation are left to individuals to pursue on their own and are not part of any organizational strategy.

You've brought up several points that I'd like to clarify. You've said "Urantia Foundation legally being the only authority for The Urantia Book, " ... there is no legal authority... interpretations of the teachings of TUB are left to individual readers. You've said "There are people out there that are convinced that a Reserve Corps of Destiny could not possibly exist amongst us." Most Urantia Book students I know certainly would not deny that there is a Reserve Corps of Destiny on this world comprised of at least 1000 individuals; after all, The Urantia Book tells us this is the case and most students believe The Urantia Book to be true and accurate. You've brought up as a fact that there's an architectural world orbiting Saturn. That's not common knowledge; I'd discount it as a flight of fancy and wishful thinking until it's reputably verified and which I find highly unlikely ever to happen. You've attributed this architectural vehicle to being necessary for Michael's journey – -the only way this would be known, as far as I know, is through channeling, the popular version of fortune telling and séance, so I don't wonder that Urantia Foundation was disinterested in pursuing this line of conjecture. You've mentioned an individual who's calling himself a Mortal Corps of Destiny Reservist. Self-proclaiming exalted persons are a dime a dozen... we have the self-proclaimed Caligastia, the self-proclaimed Christed One, the self-proclaimed Planetary Teacher, all kinds of self-proclaimed demons and devils, all kinds of saints and celestial pretenders, and any number of self- proclaiming reservists. This one has a website – -so does Caligastia, so does the Aquarian Concepts Community – -a quite nice one in fact – -so do many of the others.

You mentioned "The Urantia Book states that there are "...universe conscious citizens on Urantia..." human beings here on Earth with us now who have "...insight of cosmic citizenship that far transcends the sphere of their terrestrial abodes..." Yes, most students of The Urantia Book I'm familiar with exhibit such qualities. You've mentioned this self-proclaiming reservist being taken to the architectural world to observe it and to report back. In the 1950's books were published about scientists, farmers, psychologists, housewives, being taken up in UFOs and given all kinds of valuable information – -60 years have gone by and nothing's come of it all so that wasn't particularly useful either except as mental diversions and pleasant daydreams.

I'll certainly agree that this is a confused and misinformed world, due mainly to the outworkings of the Lucifer rebellion. Presuming that one is making any kind of spiritual connection through channeling is certainly one of those human mistakes. You mentioned "warning about the dangers of this type of closed door attitude or mentality..." Some flights of fancy warrant a closed door mentality – -being open and accepting of everything is the sign of a lack of maturity and cosmic insight; we need to use our minds to discern truth, not to be accepting of every seemingly new thing. You've mentioned "It is ironic that a leading authority of the Urantia Book the Official Urantia Foundation is not interested, " and I again remind you that Urantia Foundation is not a leading authority of The Urantia Book, they're a publisher. The best organizational authority at this time will probably be found at The Urantia Book Historical Society site, the best personal authority will be the students of the book.

So, from my interpretation, you've based a lot of your concern on channeled information, which is never a reliable source for truth. Your best source for meaningful truth is in the book itself; it's not intended to be a springboard into fanciful conjecture but more as a grounding for introspective and meaningful thinking.

Best wishes

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