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Should we say The Lord's Prayer daily?

Q: What does The Urantia Book say about the Lords Prayer...is it important to say it daily?

A: As you likely know, the "Lord's Prayer" is the prayer that was formulated by Jesus and given to his followers. You can read this story HERE

As for saying this prayer daily, I can't think of a better one, if this is the most you can do in talking with God. However, we are not encouraged to recite fixed prayers, even one as beautiful and meaningful as this "Believer's Prayer."

I would encourage you to read Jesus' Discourse on Prayer, as well as this section, titled "More about Prayer."

In the end we are taught that:

"Words are irrelevant to prayer; they are merely the intellectual channel in which the river of spiritual supplication may chance to flow ...God answers the soul's attitude, not the words." (91:8.12)

The best kind of prayer is one in which the praying person is communicating their inmost heart and soul to God—this is not always possible when reciting a prayer that is already written down and memorized, beautiful as it may be.

The Lord's Prayer was given primarily as an introductory prayer for potential believers. Once we have entered the kingdom as spiritual children, we must begin to grow up. And part of that growth process is learning to communicate the deepest longings, desires, and feelings that we have to God. This kind of intimacy with the Father is best facilitated by spontaneously sharing our inner life with God on a daily basis. We do this best in quiet times of prayer and worship.

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