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Sharing Urantia Book teachings in my church

(Several questions regarding church attendance/involvement by Urantia Book reader/believers—most specifically, involvement with the Seventh-Day Adventist Church.)

Q: I have been attending a Seventh Day Adventist church for awile, and I am at a definite crossroad where I feel I can go no further without either directly mentioning the Fifth Epochal Revelation to either a pastor or church member in a humble manner, or leaving the church for good...do you think that it would be worth writing email to a pastor I know or a church member and divulging The Urantia Book at all – mentioning its Adventist connection?

A: Actually, this could be a good idea, depending upon who you choose to confide in. If you feel that you have a good friend, as well as a kindred spirit with whom you can be honest, it might be worth a try. But choose carefully. If the person is, in your estimation, a truth-seeker, that is a good thing and may bear fruit. But if they are mostly an Adventist devotee, strictly adhering to Adventist dogma, you may open a wasp's nest of opposition, even though you may think that the Adventist connection is irresistible. Then, you may be disappointed in the results. All the sincerity in the world and all the devotion to truth on your part will not interest one who is not searching for, or at least open to, higher truth; in fact, your broaching this subject may put their back up and create skepticism, rather than unity between you. Again, choose wisely...and with prayer.

Q: I simply find it too difficult to believe both the Bible and the Urantia revelation while fellowshipping with folks who only know the Bible – it sort of feels like an unfair advantage except that there is no such thing with God.

A: Scripture has many truths. Jesus was very fond of Scripture and knew it well. He was careful to only cite those scriptures which supported his philosophy, however. You can find many examples in The Urantia Book where Jesus quotes certain scriptures, and in this way, he was able to establish a link between the scripture and higher truth for those he wished to minister to. This is an important distinction, and one that you can use to your advantage. Remember, Jesus did not have a Urantia Book. He wasn't even a Christian, in the sense that we understand that term. His mission was to reveal God to mankind, and he did so through many avenues, and Scripture was one of those avenues.

You do have an advantage, but it is not an unfair one. The Fifth Epochal Revelation was given to you, and is even now available to anyone who seeks it. You just happened to have recognized it for what it is, and you just happened to be open to the truth. I'd say you are simply blessed...and the wonderful thing is that you are desiring to pass along what you have learned. This is a very good trait in you. You appear to be other-minded, and unselfish.

Having said that, though, I have to also say that not everyone NEEDS The Urantia Book. It is not necessarily The Urantia Book that we wish to promote, but the religion of the Spirit—the religion of personal spiritual experience; the truths of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man, as well as the life-changing realization of the indwelling God. There are many individuals in evolutionary religions who understand these things, and who are not seeking further because they already have what they need. Those are the ones with whom you will find some commonality, even if you can't establish a UB connection. And, with further relationship with these ones, you may at some point discover that you will see an opening to reveal more and higher truth to them, and eventually you may be asked from where your ideas come...

I hope this reply is of help to whomever reads it...

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