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What is the best way to share The Urantia Book?

You wrote: If someone asks us: "where did you find this information?" should we talk openly about the book?

Thanks so much for your note to us here at TruthBook. I assume from your question that you are a Urantia Book reader/student...good for you and so happy that you wrote!

There certainly are no rules in existence about sharing The Urantia Book, but if one wishes to be successful in helping one's brothers and sisters climb the spiritual ladder, one might want to use their highest thinking when deciding what to do and how to do it for the greatest impact!

Oftentimes, readers of the revelation complain that trying to share the book with others is a frustrating thing to do. I myself have had that complaint; but it now seems more productive to simply act as leaven in our daily lives...sharing what we have learned in ways that are accessible to others, without revealing the source unless asked. After all, I think you will agree that it is the kingdom that is most important, not necessarily the book.

Sharing the good news of our sonship with God, his Fatherhood with us, the growth of the soul, the promise of eternal life, the religion of Jesus...these truths are the truths of the Kingdom of Heaven. Regardless of whether someone reads The Urantia Book or not, they can benefit from the believer's testimony and witness about these important spiritual realities/values.

In sharing truth with others, we should always keep in mind the instruction of Jesus, and the way he accomplished this throughout his life. I invite you to read or re-read Jesus' entire Instruction for Believers and Teachers, in which we read this important advice:

In preaching the gospel of the kingdom, you are simply teaching friendship with God. And this fellowship will appeal alike to men and women in that both will find that which most truly satisfies their characteristic longings and ideals. Tell my children that I am not only tender of their feelings and patient with their frailties, but that I am also ruthless with sin and intolerant of iniquity. I am indeed meek and humble in the presence of my Father, but I am equally and relentlessly inexorable where there is deliberate evil-doing and sinful rebellion against the will of my Father in heaven.

Notice that Jesus does not admonish us to share The Urantia Book, or Scripture of any kind; he is advising us to share what we know through our own experience - friendship with God. If, after drawing near to others, they happen to ask where we have gained our understanding about God, we then may feel free to wisely share the wonders of The Urantia Book.

Elsewhere, Jesus gives the following advice:

133:4.2 The miller he taught about grinding up the grains of truth in the mill of living experience so as to render the difficult things of divine life readily receivable by even the weak and feeble among one's fellow mortals. Said Jesus: "Give the milk of truth to those who are babes in spiritual perception. In your living and loving ministry serve spiritual food in attractive form and suited to the capacity of receptivity of each of your inquirers."

For some, receiving the news of a 2000-page book filled with truth will be more of a turn-off than an attractive lure. For these ones who may be "babes in spiritual perception" speaking and sharing of our own experiences with God and Spirit will be much more attractive than just handing them a Urantia Book. In his ministry, Jesus often employed parables to accomplish this, and we would do well to learn and emulate that practice as well.

151:3.1 The apostles were parable-minded, so much so that the whole of the next evening was devoted to the further discussion of parables. Jesus introduced the evening's conference by saying: "My beloved, you must always make a difference in teaching so as to suit your presentation of truth to the minds and hearts before you. When you stand before a multitude of varying intellects and temperaments, you cannot speak different words for each class of hearers, but you can tell a story to convey your teaching; and each group, even each individual, will be able to make his own interpretation of your parable in accordance with his own intellectual and spiritual endowments. You are to let your light shine but do so with wisdom and discretion. No man, when he lights a lamp, covers it up with a vessel or puts it under the bed; he puts his lamp on a stand where all can behold the light. Let me tell you that nothing is hid in the kingdom of heaven which shall not be made manifest; neither are there any secrets which shall not ultimately be made known. Eventually, all these things shall come to light. Think not only of the multitudes and how they hear the truth; take heed also to yourselves how you hear. Remember that I have many times told you: To him who has shall be given more, while from him who has not shall be taken away even that which he thinks he has."

In all of these matters, what is most needed is wisdom, discretion, and insight; and these helpful attributes are only gotten through one's own experiences with God, so that when in the presence of a spiritual seeker, we are able to allow ourselves to be guided by our own Spirit- within. It is also very important to remember that we are called to minister to people as they are...to try and get to know them, and find out through sincere fellowship with them what they really need, rather than automatically assume that they need The Urantia Book

Thanks so much for this important question. I wish you much success on your spiritual walk with God and also great success in sharing truth with all those who may cross your path.

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