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Read-along CD for The Urantia Book

Q: Is there any read-along CD available for The Urantia Book? Thank you!

A: Yes, there are several ways of having the audio version of The Urantia Book on CD. The first is that the current Uversa Press printing of The Urantia Book, available at most stores or on-line through Amazon.com, comes with an audio DVD in the back of the book. This DVD is used on your computer – -you can copy the audio files from it and save them onto CDs that can be played in any CD player. Another way is on-line at our site – -the full text of The Urantia Book is available at our site along with the audio recording so that you can read and listen at the same time. Just go to Truthbook.com, click on "The Urantia Book" on the top menu, look for "Read the Book" on the right side, then click on the Paper you want to read and hear, and click on the "Listen" icon at the top of the paper, or from any section thereafter. Also from the page that shows "Read and Listen" on the right you can download the audio format from our site to your computer.

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