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What about Noah and the Flood. True or false?

Thanks for your note to TruthBook. Always good to hear from our visitors. Since you have written a few times now, I wonder if you are also a reader/student of The Urantia Book...?

Here's a link for you from The Urantia Book, where you can read for yourself about Noah's flood. This paper traces the Violet race from its Mesopotamian home in the second garden.

In short, we learn here that the story of the great flood was a fiction created by some writers of the Hebrew Scriptures:

78:7.3 Almost five thousand years later, as the Hebrew priests in Babylonian captivity sought to trace the Jewish people back to Adam, they found great difficulty in piecing the story together; and it occurred to one of them to abandon the effort, to let the whole world drown in its wickedness at the time of Noah's flood, and thus to be in a better position to trace Abraham right back to one of the three surviving sons of Noah.

The traditions of a time when water covered the whole of the earth's surface are universal. Many races harbor the story of a world-wide flood some time during past ages. The Biblical story of Noah, the ark, and the flood is an invention of the Hebrew priesthood during the Babylonian captivity. There has never been a universal flood since life was established on Urantia. The only time the surface of the earth was completely covered by water was during those Archeozoic ages before the land had begun to appear.

If you click on the first link above, you can also read about Noah (a real person in history) and his connection to the story.

Thanks again for your inquiry. I hope this reply is helpful to you...

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