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Living God's will

Q: How do you determine that you are living the will of God for you after making the commitment?

A: Thanks so much for writing to us with this thoughtful question.

It's pretty difficult for me to qualify the measure of your success in doing God's will in your personal life. However, I have ways of assessing my own spiritual progress...so, here are a few questions from me for you in reply:

Are you generally happier now than before you made the commitment to live the will of God? Do you have more peace, even when the going gets rough? Are you more tolerant, loving, patient, kind, trusting, joyous, hopeful, and faith-filled than before? In other words, are the Fruits of the Spirit showing up in your life?

The Urantia Book teaches:

111:5.1 The doing of the will of God is nothing more or less than an exhibition of creature willingness to share the inner life with God—with the very God who has made such a creature life of inner meaning-value possible. Sharing is Godlike—divine.

131:2.8 “Yahweh is the God of my salvation; therefore in the divine name will I put my trust. I will trust in the Lord with all my heart; I will lean not upon my own understanding. In all my ways I will acknowledge him, and he shall direct my paths.

If we really think about this teaching, it is quite profound. What is our "inner life" if not our thoughts and our intelligent relationship with the outer world? As we know from UB teachings, God actually dwells within our minds; through our thoughts, the Father really does direct our paths when it is our will to do his will. We share this with him by acknowledging him—as often as possible—and praying for his guidance through this life. The practice of frequent communion with the Father will be of greatest help to you in eventually reaping the experience of being in his holy will. Along with your continuing commitment, this practice and the resulting experience should bring you a lot of inner happiness...

That would be my own personal criteria...one of my favorite UB quotes is:

159:3.10 Increasing happiness is always the experience of all who are certain about God.

It never hurts to simply ask God, in prayer...Just ask him, "How am I doing?" when you sit in a quiet moment. In these quiet moments with God, you will gain assurance and strength to continue in your quest for his will for your life.

Thanks so much for writing in with this important question. You might enjoy this link also, where you can read even more about God's Will

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