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Jesus compared with God

You asked,"In The Urantia Book, how does Jesus compare with God?" That's a good question!

According to The Urantia Book, God is the First Source, the one uncaused Cause, the Origin of all things and beings. From infinity God, as the Universal Father, sends his own Spirit into all the universes of time and space to live within the higher reaches of the mind of each person, there to guide each of us throughout mortal life in the making of those decisions which will nurture the growth of our potentially eternal souls.

Jesus is his Creator Son who hails from "the right hand of the Father" in Paradise, and who is now the Master Sovereign of this universe of his own making. Throughout his incarnation on this world, Urantia, Jesus perfectly did the Father's will, revealing his oneness with the Father. Jesus was the "Word" of God made flesh.

"Jesus is the new and living way from man to God, from the partial to the perfect, from the earthly to the heavenly, from time to eternity." (129:4.7, Pg 1426)

Thanks again for the question. If you follow those links with the passages above, you'll find out even more. And—here are two more links; One is all about GOD, and the other, all about Jesus. These might make good comparison studies.

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