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Is the Wingmakers connection with UB material coincidence or legit?

Thanks so much for writing to us here at TruthBook with your inquiry about the "Wingmakers." It was all new material to me, so I did a little research on the internet, and found out some interesting stuff. This Wikipedia link is fairly short, and there are a lot more sites to explore about this group, in the process of which I also found some info about the mysterious "Dr Neruda."

To summarize: The Wikipedia article referenced above contains ideas strangely similar to some concepts that we find in The Urantia Book, but then it goes off into a discussion of soul that has nothing to do with what we learn about soul in the book, e.g., "Soul fragments" of First Source...very amorphous. It seems difficult to pin down what this movement's principles are, or what its aim is. The first sentence in the article describes it as a "creation myth."

The nearest I came to understanding Dr Neruda was a short statement saying that he was a "defected scientist" from an organization called Advance Contact Intelligence Organization. And he is now presumed to be dead. The interview I read (readily available to anyone who cares to search) had elements of new-age philosophies including an alien civilization buried somewhere in New Mexico, reincarnation, remote viewing, and "one-world government."

I saw no reference to God, although the material does describe a "First Source." I saw no reference to Jesus, except for a snippet from one of the Neruda interviews that describes Jesus as a "managing director" of some kind of galactic teaching organization; this is a big red flag for me when evaluating these kinds of materials in comparison to The Urantia Book; the description of Jesus as merely a "teacher" is a decidedly new-age error. There is mention of "Seven Superuniverses" in the same section that opines that aliens have been abducting humans in order to steal/incorporate our "DNA-template" because their civilization is dying out. In the God-created universe that we are given in The Urantia Book, where all created beings are children of God, I find that hard to fathom ...

In some ways, there do seem to be some reframed elements of Urantia Book truth in these materials, but again, the material is wrapped in new- age concepts and seems to have a confused and sinister edge to it. According to the Wiki article, these ideas began to emerge in 1998; it could be that the teachings of The Urantia Book (published in 1955) have made their way into some of these writings, and the authors of these writings have adapted them to further their own agendas concerning the mysteries of the universe, including the popular concern with alien abductions and so forth...

Since we already have the revelation of The Urantia Book which describes the universe so well including its meaning and its purpose; since we already have such fulfilling, inspiring, and reasonable information on God, on the soul, on our planetary history and our destiny as human beings, and on the real identity of Jesus and his true mission to this world ... I find writings such as the Wingmakers to be interesting, but ultimately pointless as far as my own spiritual understandings go. It feels like a diversion from the truth, instead of an addition to it.

There may be many things about the universe that we don't know - the revelators of The Urantia Book have given us what they deemed to be necessary information in order for humanity to spiritually progress, and for me, it remains more than enough to process - and more than enough to provide a spiritual blueprint from which to fashion a personally experiential God-centered and God-conscious life amidst a world of isms, theories, and fearful imaginings.

I don't think there's anything wrong with exploring the truth as far as it can take us, but it is important to use our spirit-directed discernment when evaluating materials such as this - or any other materials of a cosmological or revelatory nature. The ultimate question we might want to ask when evaluating materials like this is: Does it bring me closer to understanding the nature of God? Of Jesus? Does it further a greater experience with knowing him? Does it help us to formulate a philosophy of life that is positive and life-affirming? Does it promote and encourage growth in the Spirit? Does it add to our earthly life in the way of promoting brotherhood and peace? Or does it take us down a rabbit-hole of fear and confusion?

That is my opinion, and only my opinion; you are of course, free to form your own.

Incidentally, one of my associates here at TruthBook HAS had some experience with the Wingmakers, and here is what he says:

"I read the Wingmakers material on the internet a number of years ago - - about an alien race in the desert of Arizona I think who had left artifacts and made contact with the explorer who discovered their hidden materials... a combination of esp and alien beings and magic. It was interesting science fiction and I spent quite a lot of time with it. I found out that the author was a musician as well as a writer and that he was writing this fanciful tale to promote his music, which he sold from his website. So... fiction can be good and can be entertaining and can introduce higher ideas and ideals but it's not necessarily based in reality, which is where we're to plant our roots. Pick any topic about anything and you will probably find some connection with the teachings of TUB; that doesn't make it true."

Thanks again for writing to us with this interesting question...

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