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Is there an alien plot to enslave humanity?

Q: Does The Urantia Book mention anything about an elite group of beings supposedly controlling the earth with plans of enslaving humans for their own self control?

A: The only group like that that comes to mind from reading The Urantia Book is the group of rebels led by Lucifer so long ago. Lucifer wanted to control humans—to manipulate their spiritual lives and to gain for himself all the glory and honor that rightfully belongs to God. As a result, we find ourselves in a terrible mess still.

However, I am sure that that is not what you had in mind. I know that there are many fears out there about sinister plots and dire warnings—even races of beings who are much like the description in your question...

But, no, The Urantia Book does not mention anything about this sort of thing. Perhaps one reason for the proliferation of such fear does go back to the Luciferian kind of thinking which says that there is no God—that it is "every man for himself." And it is exactly because of those terrible events that so many of us feel that this is a fearful world where we are always in danger...even many of those who do profess a belief in God fear him instead of loving him.

So much fear...

But then we have the revelation which was Jesus—Son of God, son of man—the humble carpenter of Nazareth whose life and death changed the course of human history...whose watchword—then and now—was "Fear not."

Personally, I choose Jesus and the inner security of following his religion of personal experience, which provides proof positive that we do live in a FRIENDLY universe—one whose sole purpose is to produce human beings with immortal souls of eternal survival value.

Instead of worrying about alien—or human—dangers to our security, better we should be actively and positively pursuing spiritual realities, which are far more real and quantifiable than these sorts of hideous phantasms born of our darkest fears.

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