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Is it appropriate to shout hallelujah when discussing religion?

Q: Is it appropriate to shout “hallelujah, ” “Lord Jesus, ” and “amen” when discussing religion?

A: Well, I guess that that depends upon with whom you are having the discussion...

Emotion has its place in religious experience, but subjecting others to that kind of personal emotional experience might not be the best thing, especially if you are simply in a discussion of religion, and even more especially if you are trying to interest them in true spiritual reality. A discussion implies that you are using the mind, and not the emotions. Not everyone who is religious has those kinds of emotional impulses. Sometimes that sort of thing seems contrived and artificial, but sometimes it is genuine. Regardless, I think it is certainly inappropriate if someone ends up feeling uncomfortable or excluded.

It is entirely appropriate to do a shout out when you are among your inner circle who will likely appreciate it, and who may even join in your exuberance...I am thinking of some church services, where people are shouting out right and left. I think that is a good thing. And sometimes it does just feel really good to declare a heartfelt "Amen!" among your brethren. But in other circumstances, people might just think you are some kind of a fanatic, and they'll be put off by such a display.

Religion is best grasped and appreciated by the MIND, not by the emotions. While religious thought can produce heartfelt emotion, one should always use common sense about expressing it appropriately.

Thanks for the question...

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