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Is God real?

There's no better place to learn about God than TruthBook.com and in The Urantia Book, so you have definitely come to the right place!

I could tell you about my own personal faith in the reality of God, as could many, many others. And when believers gather, experience with God is a subject that provides a lot of joy and satisfaction. But in the end, every person has to discover God for themselves. Asking this important question says to me that you are on a quest of discovery.

Probably a lot of people will tell you that believing in God makes perfect sense because of the miracle of Creation-the seemingly infinite variety of life, the vastness of the starry realms-and of course, they are right. Believing in God is a logical conclusion to come to when we view the material world. 

And there are many other evidences of God. Countless people have personal knowledge of the existence of God. And probably all of them have personal stories about how they found God, as well as personal testimonies about how God changed their lives for the good once they found him. This kind of inner, spiritual experience with God is achievable by all who desire it, so never give up in your quest! God may indeed be recognized as a mighty creator, but he is also a loving Person who can be known by any who seek him...God is the Father of your personality, and he desires that you should find him. 

The Urantia Book is a new and more expanded revelation of God than has ever been compiled on our planet.  In its pages, you can learn about the mighty Creator-God who made all we see, as well as the personal, loving Universal Father who cares for and guides his children of time (including you and me) through their earth-life and beyond. He is always available to us when we sincerely seek him. He loves YOU—personally and eternally.

"Men all too often forget that God is the greatest experience in human existence. Other experiences are limited in their nature and content, but the experience of God has no limits save those of the creature’s comprehension capacity, and this very experience is in itself capacity enlarging. When men search for God, they are searching for everything. When they find God, they have found everything."~ The Urantia Book, (117:6.9)

There are many, many pages on our site that testify to the reality of God. One great place to start is HERE—it is a study and exploration of God and may help you to get an idea of some Urantia Book teachings about God.  At the bottom of the page, look for the "next" button, to continue.

Thanks again for writing...I do hope that you'll have a look at the page I linked to above, read about God in The Urantia Book, and continue your quest of discovery!

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