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Is God male or female?

Q: Is God more like male or female? If neither, then is God like a universal being for all worlds?


Male and female are the two expressions of material beings, similar to positive and negative being the two expressions of electricity. It takes both for completeness. God is neither male nor female – those terms apply to material beings and not spirit – God is complete. We have some difficulty wrappng our minds around this concept because we live on a planet where male and female are a fact of our existence, so trying to think of God as neither male nor female can be a challenge.

God has many names in many places and on many other worlds of his creation. However, The Urantia Book teaches that, for all practical purposes, we should learn to think of God as a Father. And yes, there is one God for all of creation and that God has a presence within you. The only gift you can offer to God is your will to do God's will.

Having said that, you should know that there is an aspect of God that is decidedly female; this aspect of God is called the Universal Mother Spirit, and the local universes are her domain. She consorts with the Creator Son to maintain life on worlds such as ours. However, she is an outgrowth of the Universal Father...there is only one God, although he distributes himself on numerous other divine beings for his own holy purposes - and ultimately for our benefit.

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