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I want proof that The Urantia Book is true

Q: You wrote: The Bible says that Lucifer is the adversary. Is Lucifer and Satan the same person? Because in the Bible it says so. If the Urantia is real, send me proof that Satan is the devil and not Caligastia.

A: Thanks for your note about Satan, Caligastia, and Lucifer.

You ask for "proof" from us that the teachings of The Urantia Book are accurate regarding these beings. I cannot give you any such proof. Such proof is the result of one's inner certainty that the teachings of the book are accurate and this proof cannot be given from one to another. It is like asking for proof that God is real. Although belief in God may be entirely reasonable to a truthseeker, there is no proof, save that of the believer who has gained personal spiritual experience for him/herself.

In the case of The Urantia Book, that proof also can consist of an inner certainty that the information that one is reading is true. Truth has a distinctive "flavor" in the mind of a sincere truthseeker, while to one who is seeking validation of previous belief, this information may not resonate, or may even appear false.

The Urantia Book is over 2000 pages of significant revelatory information about our world - about God and his creation, about the history of our planet (including teachings about the Lucifer rebellion, Satan, and Caligastia), and about Jesus and his teachings. It is a revelation that stands apart from all previous records; it is not a means of either validating or rejecting the Bible. Although its teachings do honor the Bible as a valuable part of our spiritual heritage, there is much in the Bible that stands in need of correction. The teachings about these dark beings is one such area of correction.

The best I can do is to offer you our topical studies on these beings that contain a condensation of The Urantia Book's teachings regarding these topics. You can find out more regarding

Lucifer, and
Caligastia (who The Urantia Book calls the "devil)

by clicking on the links.

And here is a previous reply to a similar inquiry about Satan and Lucifer

Satan, Lucifer, and Caligastia are a real and significant part of our history - they really exist and they all have contributed to the darkness that we still encounter today in our world. The Urantia Book's revelations about these beings (and one purpose of all revelation) serves the purpose of correcting error and setting the previous records straight. This is the great value of The Urantia Book for the truthseeker. Knowing the truth about these personalities and the roles they played and still play in our world can help any seeker to make better sense of the condition of the world as it is today. But it does not suit everyone.

In order to accept this revelation, one must be 1) seeking the truth, 2) open to receive new information, and 3) fearless in the examination of the information. These teachings may not appeal to you if they do not reflect previously accepted views that you may not be willing to examine. That is your choice, and you are entirely free to believe what you will.

The most sweeping and significant of Urantia Book teachings have to do with the revelations concerning the good news of the gospel of the kingdom that Jesus proclaimed: The Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. If nothing else, I hope we may agree to accept and celebrate our connection as children of God and servers of our fellows. In the end, it is these cornerstones of the gospel that will make the greatest difference in our lives.

Thanks again for writing; I hope that my reply has been helpful.

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