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How did Adam and Eve hurt this world?

Q: The Adam and Eve on our world defaulted. From my understanding they were bestowed even as Jesus was bestowed to help progress our world spiritually. Adam and Eves are normally bestowed on all other planets(in Satania) of our order from my understanding. This means that some Adam and Eves did not default on some planets and have contributed their quota to these planets. I was just pondering over how spiritually developed and mortally civilized this planets now have become since if any paradise son visits any of these planets, they will already have the spiritual affinity and strength to easily believe truths and know God.

If this is the case, then this world really needs help. Of course Jesus has brought down the Spirit of Truth but after over 2000 years, 'this' is how far we've come. 'It is horror' in Russia. This is a place where people choose to walk almost naked on the streets especially during these times of much enjoyed sunshine. Naked pictures hang freely on the streets. Television is an eye-saw sometimes. Alcohol is water for some people. Civilization is...............

I just want us all to agree in prayer that Father will shower more of His love over Urantia by sending in more help in any way or form to help save this quarantined planet of our sojourn.

A: I had no idea of the state of your society there in Russia...it sounds pretty free-wheeling and liberal—but maybe not always in a good way. I am old enough to remember a time when Russian society was portrayed to Westerners as very dreary, bleak, and Godless. After the fall of Communism in the 80s, things began to change and it sounds like they have changed pretty dramatically. In my opinion, this is a natural outcome of severe repression being replaced by severe liberality. It is like the swing of a pendulum: when it is swung too far one way, the opposite swing will take it as far the other way. Stabilization will take many more swings before the pendulum rests somewhere in the middle.

It is so very sad about our Adam and Eve—their default (along with the planetary rebellion) really put us back as a global civilization. If things had gone according to God's plan, we would still have our Material Son and Daughter—the Garden of Eden would be known world-wide as the center for spiritual culture and education, and there would be no doubt about the presence of God, or the goodness and reality of spirituality. As you point out, the planets on which Adam and Eve were successful "have the spiritual affinity and strength to easily believe truths and know God." Unfortunately for us, we have to muddle through without these wonderful celestial ambassadors. It is no wonder that mankind feels orphaned and alone in the universe—confused about our place and purpose...

From The Urantia Book:

(51:3.9) Your world has been visited by four orders of sonship: Caligastia, the Planetary Prince; Adam and Eve of the Material Sons of God; Machiventa Melchizedek, the "sage of Salem" in the days of Abraham; and Christ Michael, who came as the Paradise bestowal Son. How much more effective and beautiful it would have been had Michael, the supreme ruler of the universe of Nebadon, been welcomed to your world by a loyal and efficient Planetary Prince and a devoted and successful Material Son, both of whom could have done so much to enhance the lifework and mission of the bestowal Son! But not all worlds have been so unfortunate as Urantia, neither has the mission of the Planetary Adams always been so difficult or so hazardous. When they are successful, they contribute to the development of a great people, continuing as the visible heads of planetary affairs even far into the age when such a world is settled in light and life.

(51:6.3) Think what it would mean on your world if somewhere in the Levant there were a world center of civilization, a great planetary university of culture, which had functioned uninterruptedly for 37, 000 years. And again, pause to consider how the moral authority of even such an ancient center would be reinforced were there situated not far distant still another and older headquarters of celestial ministry [the Planetary Prince] whose traditions would exert a cumulative force of 500, 000 years of integrated evolutionary influence. It is custom which eventually spreads the ideals of Eden to a whole world.

(sigh...) Well, the situation is what it is, and there's no value in bemoaning our fate. It is up to us who have been graced with Urantia Book teachings to do the best we can to enlighten the world—where we are and as we are. We have been taught about the Kingdom of God in the hearts of mankind and we do have the good Spirit of Truth to help us uncover even more truths about God. Our heavenly Father has not left up completely alone, and we have an opportunity every day to fellowship our brothers and sisters as we pass by, just as Jesus did. It may be small comfort, but we must go forward from where we find ourselves, and do our best to make a difference in small or large ways.

Thanks again for your comments. They are important considerations. I add my voice to yours in prayer for the uplift of our world...

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