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How could there be sin in heaven?

Q: It's difficult to understand how the heavenly beings: Lucifer, Satan and Caligastia, – who were not of this world—could rebel and be sinful. How could there be sin in heaven?

A: Thanks so much for your question to us here at TruthBook.com.

Your question is a good one—how can angelic beings be sinful? Lucifer, Satan and Caligastia were all bright spiritual beings, and all held great promise as they came to earth to introduce mankind to God and his government.

But, we have to remember that even highly spiritual beings possess free will, as does man himself. And, coming from such a high estate to a planet like ours exposed them to a greater possibility of evil. The quote below begins to explain these problems. Please have a look, and in this Paper 54 you'll find out much more.

Evolutionary man finds it difficult fully to comprehend the significance and to grasp the meanings of evil, error, sin, and iniquity. Man is slow to perceive that contrastive perfection and imperfection produce potential evil; that conflicting truth and falsehood create confusing error; that the divine endowment of freewill choice eventuates in the divergent realms of sin and righteousness; that the persistent pursuit of divinity leads to the kingdom of God as contrasted with its continuous rejection, which leads to the domains of iniquity. 54:0.1

I also invite you to have a look at our topical studies on Lucifer, Satan and Caligastia. Within these studies you will find some passages that will help you to understand more about these personalities that have had such a devastating effect on our planet. Each passage has a link that will open up the stories for you even more.

Thanks again for writing, and I hope this reply encourages you to explore this subject in depth.

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