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God's image and human dignity?

What is the relation between God's image and human dignity?

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We have been told many, many times—in the Bible and elsewhere, that man is made in God's image. What does this really mean? Here are some Urantia Book passages that will help you gain a new perspective on this idea:

108:6.3 The Mystery Monitors are undoubtedly the bestowal of the Universal Father, the reflection of the image of God abroad in the universe. A great teacher once admonished men that they should be renewed in the spirit of their minds; that they become new men who, like God, are created in righteousness and in the completion of truth. The Adjuster is the mark of divinity, the presence of God. The “image of God” does not refer to physical likeness nor to the circumscribed limitations of material creature endowment but rather to the gift of the spirit presence of the Universal Father in the supernal bestowal of the Thought Adjusters upon the humble creatures of the universes.

117:3.5 Mortal man is more than figuratively made in the image of God. From a physical standpoint this statement is hardly true, but with reference to certain universe potentialities it is an actual fact. In the human race, something of the same drama of evolutionary attainment is being unfolded as takes place, on a vastly larger scale, in the universe of universes. Man, a volitional personality, becomes creative in liaison with an Adjuster, an impersonal entity, in the presence of the finite potentialities of the Supreme, and the result is the flowering of an immortal soul. In the universes the Creator personalities of time and space function in liaison with the impersonal spirit of the Paradise Trinity and become thereby creative of a new power potential of Deity reality.

God's actual presence in the mind of every normal-minded person raises that person to the dignity of a faith-son of God, and it means that we can work with God during our lives and beyond to co-create our immortal soul—that part of us that survives death and progresses to eternal life. That immortal soul will one day stand in the presence of God on Paradise. It is because we carry this fragment of God during our earth life that we can say that we are made in his image—not a physical image, but a spiritual one. And this fact elevates man and ennobles him to his full status of spiritual dignity.

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