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God, Moses, And The Ten Commandments

Q: God wrote the ten commandments who gave them to Moses. Moses told the followers. That is what my Catholic religion taught me.

A: Thank you for your note to Truthbook.com. We agree what you say about your Catholic religion. It has taught you that: "God wrote the ten commandments who gave them to Moses. Moses told the followers. That is what my catholic religion taught me."

It's our belief that God has more to say to us than just what we may have been given in the past and that if such additional information meets our standards for truthfulness and goodness, for being logically consistent, and for spiritual fragrance then that too should sincerely be considered. That's why we study The Urantia Book and why there are people from all walks of life, Christians—like Catholics, Baptists, Mormons and Presbyterians, agnostics and atheists, Buddhists, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, lay persons and clergy—people such as these who study the Urantia revelation. No one religion is "right" or "wrong" – -they each contain truth; students of the Urantia revelation find that study of the book augments their religious heritage, provides new insight and answers the questions they may have that aren't answered to their satisfaction by that religion.

Perhaps you have not yet reached the point of truth-seeking where you are willing to fearlessly entertain newly found truths which may not always agree with what you've been taught in the past. The Ten Commandments, while useful when they appeared, have been upstepped by Jesus to the two Great Commandments to "love God, and your neighbor as yourself." Jesus presented a religion of positive injunction, rather that negative "Thou-shalt-nots." This is a worthy idea, I think you'll agree...

Thanks so much for your comments; I hope that this reply is helpful.

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