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Galatians 1:6 says there is no other Gospel

I suppose that if you believe, as many do, that the Scripture is perfect and every word true, this would make you very reluctant to even look at The Urantia Book. It does contain a restatement of the life and teachings of Jesus for the 21st century. And it claims to have been mandated by order of God through the Ancient of Days. So, what to believe?

When Jesus was here on earth, he was raised with an intimate knowledge of Scripture. He knew it very well, and used it in his ministry throughout his life.

One day, Jesus was asked by Nathaniel "I observe that you teach us only a portion of the sacred writings—the best as I view it—and I infer that you reject the teachings of the rabbis to the effect that the words of the law are the very words of God, having been with God in heaven even before the times of Abraham and Moses. What is the truth about the Scriptures?"

Jesus answered in part [emphasis mine]

"The thing most deplorable is not merely this erroneous idea of the absolute perfection of the Scripture record and the infallibility of its teachings, but rather the confusing misinterpretation of these sacred writings by the tradition-enslaved scribes and Pharisees at Jerusalem. And now will they employ both the doctrine of the inspiration of the Scriptures and their misinterpretations thereof in their determined effort to withstand these newer teachings of the gospel of the kingdom. Nathaniel, never forget,the Father does not limit the revelation of truth to any one generation or to any one people. Many earnest seekers after the truth have been, and will continue to be, confused and disheartened by these doctrines of the perfection of the Scriptures."
"The fear of the authority of the sacred writings of the past effectively prevents the honest souls of today from accepting the new light of the gospel, the light which these very God- knowing men of another generation so intensely longed to see."

You can read Jesus' entire answer to Nathaniel here. It may be as shocking to you as it was to Nathaniel, but it contains the unmistakable ring of truth, if your spiritual ears are attuned to hear it. It was true of the Old Testament in Jesus' time and still true of the New Testament which was written and collected centuries after Jesus

Even in Jesus' day, Scripture was thought to be the infallible word of God, but Jesus did not teach that error; instead, he chose the best of Scripture to illuminate his teachings - those teachings that supported his mission to reveal a loving heavenly Father to mankind. He respected Scripture, but he was not afraid to look past its errors while embracing its truths.

God has never stopped communicating with humanity. He has not stopped speaking to the individual (through the ministry of the Thought Adjusters), and he has not stopped revealing himself to humanity as a whole. Maybe if you read about epochal revelation, you will begin to see the continuing attempts by God to fellowship his children over the span of hundreds of thousands of years. The Urantia Book is the 5th such outreach to our world by our heavenly helpers to impart new and vital information about God, Jesus, and his creation. After 2000+ years, the world is hungry for more information about Jesus. The Urantia Book contains that information. And yes, part of it is a restatement of Jesus' gospel - the Good News.

If you have reservations about exploring new sources of truth about Jesus and about God because of this kind of warning from Paul there is little I can do to change your feelings about that. It sometimes takes courage and sincere prayer to overcome these kinds of fears. Jesus had no such reservations about Scripture. His teachings help each of us to live lives of originality and spiritual freedom before God.

Part IV of The Urantia Book is an eyewitness account of Jesus life, recorded and preserved by angelic beings for the time when it could be disseminated to the world through the medium of a printed book. Now is that time, and it is here for you. Whether you want to go further is your own decision. Perhaps if you are content with the Bible as your only source of truth, you have no need or desire to explore The Urantia Book; it is your choice. Even though The Urantia Book is a revelation of God to man, there is no penalty for not accepting it. The main idea of the book is to inspire an expanded knowledge of, and closer relationship with, God and with Jesus. Perhaps you are happy enough with your spiritual life as it is... 

Thanks very much for writing; I hope this reply is helpful. Please write again whenever you wish!

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