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Evolutionary science

You asked: "How does evolutionary science fit in to life as taught in The Urantia Book?"

The Urantia Book synthesizes and harmonizes science and religion, and sets philosophy within the cradle of an advanced theology which has its roots in the superhuman insights of Jesus. The origin and subsequent million-year evolution of homo sapiens and human civilization is recounted in exquisite detail. The Urantia Book characterizes evolution as the Creator's technique of perfecting all of creation—and it makes sense when we think of this gradual perfection as "creation in time and space." The Urantia Book offers the most plausible and astounding description ever recorded of the scale, scope and grandeur of the cosmos.

Logic based science and faith based religion are not at odds. We are endowed with logical minds to solve the problems of a material existence. The immortal soul grows by reaching out to truth beyond logic through faith.

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