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Does Satan have a language of his own?

You asked: "If Heaven has its own language, does Satan also have his own?"

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The language of heaven is harmony and spiritual peace. The Urantia Book tells us that "Forever, music will remain the universal language of men, angels, and spirits."

I like to think of a Heaven where we will sing to one another in beautiful musical tones. And even here on earth, we can learn to communicate with one another in the harmonious language of the Spirit that connects us all under the beneficent Fatherhood of God. It may not be strictly musical here on Earth, but it is harmonious…

On the other hand, Satan and his cohort, Lucifer, have a different way of communicating. Their call was not for harmony, but for insurrection against the Father's rule, causing great dis-harmony in the entire universe:

From The Urantia Book:

(53:4.1) The Lucifer manifesto was issued at the annual conclave of Satania on the sea of glass, in the presence of the assembled hosts of Jerusem, on the last day of the year, about two hundred thousand years ago, Urantia time. Satan proclaimed that worship could be accorded the universal forces—physical, intellectual, and spiritual—but that allegiance could be acknowledged only to the actual and present ruler, Lucifer, the "friend of men and angels" and the "God of liberty."

Self-assertion was the battle cry of the Lucifer rebellion. One of his chief arguments was that, if self-government was good and right for the Melchizedeks and other groups, it was equally good for all orders of intelligence. He was bold and persistent in the advocacy of the "equality of mind" and "the brotherhood of intelligence."

Even though the Lucifer Rebellion has been over for many, many years on our planet, we still find its language ingrained into our world; we still bear the remnants of its destructive influence. We struggle with a disbelief in God, and we witness a prevailing attitude of self-will, as opposed to a heartfelt dedication to God's will. Many still seek "false liberty, the assumption of self-assertion."

But even so, the loud voices of sin and rebellion can be effectively replaced in our consciousness by a wholehearted desire to find the voice of God within ourselves. Even though it is a "still, small voice, " it can be heard over the loud voice of evil when one takes the time, and seeks the quiet time to find it within. And when we become accustomed to seeking and finding that voice, we are then able to communicate its beauty to our world through love and brotherhood.

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