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Does God ever interfere with evolution?

Thank you so much for this excellent question about evolution. You asked: "If evolution is so, does God interfere with the process?"

The short answer to your question is: No, once evolution is inaugurated on a planet, God does not interfere with the process.

According to The Urantia Book, the process of physical evolution, the spontaneous development of living organisms from the simple to the more complex, and the survival of hardier strains of organisms in contrast to weaker strains, is not a result of random accidents or haphazard circumstances, but rather the intentional design of God, from whom flow all good things – -personal, mindal, physical, and spiritual. The physical evolution of the human species is wholly a consequence of this divine design, as is the spiritual evolution of the human mind into the progressive comprehension of spiritual realities, God-consciousness. More simply put; evolution is a technique of creation.

No divine interference occurred with our evolutionary processes on Earth until Adam and Eve came to upstep our biologic evolution. By the time of their arrival on earth, about 38, 000 years ago, these genetically superior heavenly beings encountered six colored human races that had already evolved for nearly one million years. The divine plan of eventual biological upstepping was not carried-through in the manner that was intended, but the gene pool of the human species nevertheless did greatly benefit from the biological admixture that did occur.

Other than this visitation and mission of Adam and Eve to our planet, no other intervention or interference has occurred. Once life is implanted here by the Life Carriers (see the link above to "evolution" and scroll down to read more about Life Carriers), the process is designed to proceed quite undisturbed. The mission of Adam and Eve is one that occurs on every evolutionary planet such as ours, and rather than call it "interference," you might rather think of it as an acceleration of evolution for the benefit of the planet's races, so that thousands of years can be sidestepped in the process of improvement of the physical and spiritual condition of the races of mankind.

Thanks again for this great question! I hope this reply is helpful...

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