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If we reach the Isle of Paradise, then why are we sent back to join a cosmic bureaucracy?

You asked: I was reading through sections of the book, and realized that the journey to Paradise seems almost pointless. The whole layout of the universes (both central and super) seem to be run via a strict, bureaucratic control. If we reach the Isle of Paradise, then why are we sent back to join this cosmic bureaucracy? Why would I want to go through these travails only to work as a bureaucrat?

Thanks for this interesting question.

Maybe if we break things down to dichotomies - chaos and order - it will make some sense. First, here in the material realm on earth, order is imposed by law and custom, both rather arbitrary and not necessarily based in truth or goodness but still much an improvement over anarchy and chaos. A society needs order to survive and prosper. Many people will experience order through bureaucratic and corrupt agencies and, as in your case, conclude that bureaucracies are bad influences. A spiritual bureaucracy is not similar to an earthly one. In the spiritual scheme, order is imposed for the benefit of the individual and everything is geared toward spiritual growth, to experiencing that we are God's children and are all brothers and sisters... pretty much the opposite of life on earth.

You wonder why you would want to go through the ascension plan, beginning here on the lowest rung of the ladder and progressing to Paradise to meet the Father face to face? Because this is the greatest adventure in creation even though we cannot fathom what it means or entails. To come back to this local universe to eventually guide and minister to those still on their journey is the greatest service an individual can provide. Since we can't really mentally grasp these activities we can erroneously conclude that it's a boring and meaningless task like bureaucracies here, even though we may recognize that God surely doesn't work that way.

Universe government is the ideal; in The Urantia Book, we learn some things about it - for example, the universe economy is based on giving and receiving:

28:6.18 The universal economy is based on intake and output; throughout the eternal career you will never encounter monotony of inaction or stagnation of personality. Progress is made possible by inherent motion, advancement grows out of the divine capacity for action, and achievement is the child of imaginative adventure. But inherent in this capacity for achievement is the responsibility of ethics, the necessity for recognizing that the world and the universe are filled with a multitude of differing types of beings. All of this magnificent creation, including yourself, was not made just for you. This is not an egocentric universe. The Gods have decreed, "It is more blessed to give than to receive," and said your Master Son, "He who would be greatest among you let him be server of all."

It is easy to see how different this is from earthly economies, most of which are based on the give-and-take of goods and services through the medium of money. And this kind of economy is certainly subject to abuse, as we clearly see in the news of he day. When we compare our earthly governments and economies with those of the spiritual realms, we do the spiritual realms a disservice. When we come back here as ambassadors of the Father's government, we will be bringing a better way to the earth - not necessarily participating in a bureaucracy.

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And thanks again for your question. You don't have to endorse The Urantia Book. The Urantia Book was written specifically for you, not for someone else. You're doing the right thing... reading and studying and deciding for yourself. That's all that's required.

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