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Did Jesus tell his followers not to write his teachings down?

Q: Why did Jesus tell his followers not to write any of his teachings down?

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As regards your question: here is the advice given to Michael from Immanuel at the occasion of his seventh bestowal—that of Jesus of Nazareth

"...To the end that you may not unnecessarily contribute to the creation of subsequent stereotyped systems of Urantia religious beliefs or other types of nonprogressive religious loyalties, we advise you still further: Leave no writings behind you on the planet. Refrain from all writing upon permanent materials; enjoin your associates to make no images or other likenesses of yourself in the flesh. See that nothing potentially idolatrous is left on the planet at the time of your departure." (120:3.7)

"The first thing Jesus did, after thinking through the general plan of co-ordinating his program with John's movement, was to review in his mind the instructions of Immanuel. Carefully he thought over the advice given him concerning his methods of labor, and that he was to leave no permanent writing on the planet. Never again did Jesus write on anything except sand. On his next visit to Nazareth, much to the sorrow of his brother Joseph, Jesus destroyed all of his writing that was preserved on the boards about the carpenter shop, and which hung upon the walls of the old home. And Jesus pondered well over Immanuel's advice pertaining to his economic, social, and political attitude toward the world as he should find it."(136:4.2)

So, I don't think it was a matter of his followers not writing things down, but Jesus himself, and for the reasons given in the first quote, above. As we know, his followers wrote PLENTY! Please click on any of the links to read more...

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