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Did Eve have children in old age?

Q: If Eve had over 100 children she had to have borne offspring into her 90s if that were the case

A:Thanks for your note to us here at TruthBook. I see you've been reading The Urantia Book about Adam and Eve!

You haven't really asked a question, but your observation is correct. Eve did live a very long time.

As you have discovered, Adam and Eve were a pretty remarkable pair. While they were material beings, similar to human beings, they were also an order of divine origin designated Material Sons of God:

37:9.9 The Material Sons of God. When a creative liaison between the Creator Son and the universe representative of the Infinite Spirit, the Universe Mother Spirit, has completed its cycle, when no more offspring of the combined nature are forthcoming, then does the Creator Son personalize in dual form his last concept of being, thus finally confirming his own and original dual origin. In and of himself he then creates the beautiful and superb Sons and Daughters of the material order of universe sonship. This is the origin of the original Adam and Eve of each local system of Nebadon. They are a reproducing order of sonship, being created male and female. Their progeny function as the relatively permanent citizens of a system capital, though some are commissioned as Planetary Adams.

As such, this pair was created (in our case) to come to our world and produce a new race of beings - the violet race - which, after enough of them had been created, would then procreate with the human stocks of our world, thus upstepping and improving the races both physically and spiritually.

To that end, Adam and Eve began reproducing soon after their arrival.

51:3.3 A Planetary Adam and Eve are, in potential, the full gift of physical grace to the mortal races. The chief business of such an imported pair is to multiply and to uplift the children of time. But there is no immediate interbreeding between the people of the garden and those of the world; for many generations Adam and Eve remain biologically segregated from the evolutionary mortals while they build up a strong race of their order. This is the origin of the violet race on the inhabited worlds.

Read about the Adamic Mission

Remember, these are superhuman beings - material like us, reproducing like us, but with an endowment of superhuman energy and physical perfection. When we read of Eve's amazing family, we can't help but be amazed. She produced a lot of children! :

74:6.2 Adamson was the first-born of the violet race of Urantia, being followed by his sister and Eveson, the second son of Adam and Eve. Eve was the mother of five children before the Melchizedeks left—three sons and two daughters. The next two were twins. She bore sixty-three children, thirty-two daughters and thirty- one sons, before the default. When Adam and Eve left the Garden, their family consisted of four generations numbering 1,647 pure-line descendants. They had forty-two children after leaving the Garden besides the two offspring of joint parentage with the mortal stock of earth. And this does not include the Adamic parentage to the Nodite and evolutionary races.

And yes, Adam and Eve did live a long time; Adam for 530 years, and Eve for 411 years - and that was after they had lost their superhuman status following the default.

It is really so sad that we lost our Material Son and Daughter - ourAdam and Eve. Had they not defaulted in their mission, they would still be here; the Garden of Eden would be a world center of culture and education; everyone would know that God is real, and our human races would be much improved as far as disease and spiritual progress.

This tragedy came as an indirect result of the Lucifer rebellion, and we are still feeling the effects of it today. But we are told to look for the silver lining in this cloud; because of it, we gained the bestowal of Christ Michael himself! :

76:5.7 Misfortune has not, however, been the sole lot of Urantia; this planet has also been the most fortunate in the local universe of Nebadon. Urantians should count it all gain if the blunders of their ancestors and the mistakes of their early world rulers so plunged the planet into such a hopeless state of confusion, all the more confounded by evil and sin, that this very background of darkness should so appeal to Michael of Nebadon that he selected this world as the arena wherein to reveal the loving personality, of the Father in heaven. It is not that Urantia needed a Creator Son to set its tangled affairs in order; it is rather that the evil and sin on Urantia afforded the Creator Son a more striking background against which to reveal the matchless love, mercy, and patience of the Paradise Father.

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