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Details of Jesus childhood

Q: I'm from Kerala in India. By birth I am Hindu. But I met Jesus in 2006 on my college days. I believe in Jesus.

I am trying to know more about my Jesus. I read Bible & other christian magazine. But I don't get the details about Jesus's childhood. When I search the Internet I saw Your great Urantia Book—Part IV the life and teachings of Jesus. That was a greatful feel on my heart. But I have several doubts on it. Where did you get these details, I mean where does we get these writings. Which historian tell this details?

I am studying in Malayalam medium (language of Kerala) and study English as optional language. So I don't understand some words in this Book. I would like know, The Urantia Book translated to Malayalam, the language of Kerala in India? I want to know more about my Jesus. Please help me.

In the name of Jesus

A: Thank you for writing to Truthbook.com. Our website is designed to promote the teachings of The Urantia Book, and especially those of Jesus from Part IV of the book. You have stumbled upon a treasure that is gradually becoming more widely known but is still unknown to most people.

You've said you have several doubts. Well, healthy and open-minded skepticism is to be encouraged when confronted with new and controversial material. In material of a spiritual nature you have to test what you're learning against your own perceptions of truth, beauty, goodness – -no one else's opinions and beliefs can be of any real value to you.

You asked where did we get these details. The details were given to us by the authors of The Urantia Book which was first published in 1955. We have a considerable amount of information on our website about the history of The Urantia Book so please take some time to become familiar with what's provided there. A good place to begin with the historical aspects of the book is found under the heading "The Urantia Book" on our home page – -Urantia Book history is located HERE. Please be aware however that all the information "about"The Urantia Book does not substitute for actually reading the book and learning first hand for oneself.

You asked which historian knows this information. Surprisingly enough, there are many old books that contain portions of this story – -books written by authors who apparently were inspired in some manner during the course of their lifetimes. The beauty of The Urantia Book is that its authors assimilated much of this obscure information, combining it in a masterful way and adding to it material that is unique to the teachings of The Urantia Book. The Urantia Book claims itself to be a revelation of truth. The authors of the book are celestial beings, angels, the true historians of the universe. They have access to the records of all that has transpired and their records of the life and teachings of Jesus are partially recounted here in a never-before revealed way.

If you're curious about the overall historical perspective provided by The Urantia Book, of which the life and teachings of Jesus is just a part, please spend some time reviewing the Urantia Book Timeline – -also found as an entry under the left-hand menu heading "The Urantia Book" on our home page. Also, on the home page you'll find ""Jesus and The Urantia Book", "Answers to Life's Toughest Questions", "How The Urantia Book Changed My Life", and "FAQ" – -each of these will help you in your understanding of just what it is you've stumbled upon.

It's understandable that you don't understand some of the words in this book. The Urantia Book may contain some of the most complex writing ever made in the English language. Even native English speakers marvel at the language, and struggle too, and there is much there that can't be absorbed on a single reading. Many students of The Urantia Book study the book for the remainder of their lives, always finding new insight, new concepts, new ideas.

The Urantia Book has been translated into about a dozen different languages at this time and additional translations are under way but I don't believe Malayalam is one of them. But, I can tell from your writing that your grasp of English is excellent – -certainly good enough to understand Part IV of the book. Also, please understand that as a revelation given in the English language The Urantia Book can't be translated into any other language without losing some of its impact. As difficult as it may be for you, you'll get much more from reading the book in English rather than as a translation into some other language from the original. There can be no better study for the mastery of the English language than to read this life and teachings of Jesus.

You want to know more about Jesus – -I suggest you have been inspired to discover Jesus in The Urantia Book – -there is no better, more authentic, more real depiction of Jesus on the planet at this time. Read with an open mind and an open heart, taste the savor of the words as you read, ask for guidance in knowing the truth. Jesus left his spirit here, the Spirit of Truth, at Pentecost when he ascended. That spirit is here just for you, to help you find and to know what is true. Trust Jesus.

Please feel free to write with your questions or concerns. Part IV of The Urantia Book begins Please feel free to write with your questions or concerns. Part IV of The Urantia Book begins HERE

with Paper 120. At the top of each Paper you'll see a (((Listen))) link where the text will be read aloud so you can hear and read at the same time – -you may find this helpful.

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