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B.C, B.C.E, and C.E for historical dates

Q: In recent times, using before-and after Christ in mentioning dates, have been substituted by the infamous B.C.E and C.E. Should the new appellations be endorsed or...?

A: I hadn't really been aware that there was a controversy although I had recognized that the two different forms were being used so I checked Google with "BC BCE" and sure enough, there's a controversy.

Without being an expert on the subject I still have an opinion, that being that the proponents for using BCE and CE rather than BC and AD are aligned with the other adherents of political correctness, where no one must be offended, rightly or wrongly. I see this also as an issue for secularists who want to remove any connection with religion from our daily lives.

The Urantia Book uses B.C and A.D. – -it's the ethical compass I've been using for decades and will continue with. Like with so many of the other politically correct turns of phrases, I personally resist the rewriting of history and support the traditional usage.

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