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Are Urantia Book believers Christian?

Q: Are Urantia Book believers Christian? Or, is there another name to describe what The Urantia Book's religion is?

A: Readers of The Urantia Book are as diverse a cross section of society as you might want to find; there are many reader/students who are present or former Catholics, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, or members of other organized religious thought. Some are practicing in their chosen churches, and others have left the religions of their past and prefer to be unchurched. Still others have come to The Urantia Book without any other background in organized religion.

The great thing about Urantia Book teachings is that they are compatible with any organized religion which worships God, and they also can stand alone, helping the believer to form his/her own relationship with God and enjoy their own personal religion without joining any church. I guess the most compatible religions would be Christian ones, as Jesus is the centerpoint for Christianity, and his revelation of God to the world has been restated and clarified through The Urantia Book.

The Urantia Book has quite a bit to say about Christianity—its beginnings, its present state, and it gives clues as to how the Christian church that bears Jesus name is the "cocoon" of a new and thrilling manifestation of the Kingdom of God:

(170:5.21) Mistake not! there is in the teachings of Jesus an eternal nature which will not permit them forever to remain unfruitful in the hearts of thinking men. The kingdom as Jesus conceived it has to a large extent failed on earth; for the time being, an outward church has taken its place; but you should comprehend that this church is only the larval stage of the thwarted spiritual kingdom, which will carry it through this material age and over into a more spiritual dispensation where the Master's teachings may enjoy a fuller opportunity for development. Thus does the so-called Christian church become the cocoon in which the kingdom of Jesus' concept now slumbers. The kingdom of the divine brotherhood is still alive and will eventually and certainly come forth from this long submergence, just as surely as the butterfly eventually emerges as the beautiful unfolding of its less attractive creature of metamorphic development.

Many people think that The Urantia Book is in itself a "religion, " but it's not. It does, however, introduce us to the real religion of Jesus—the religion of personal spiritual experience. This religion of Jesus is unique, in that it can be practiced by anyone—churched or unchurched—and by learning about, and practicing this religion in our lives, those who DO continue in Christian churches can help provide the leaven that will eventually help to bring present-day Christianity into a new understanding and evolution of thought that will help draw the world to Jesus.

You asked if I consider myself a Christian...I do not. Jesus himself was not a "Christian, " even though the Christian church bears his name. I prefer to say I am a "Jesusonian, " if asked, and this does open the door for discussion of what that religion is. To read more in depth about the religion of Jesus, go HERE

For more information about the possibilities and problems surrounding meshing Urantia Book revelation with present-day Christianity, lease see "Christianity's Problem"

It seems vital to me to start to re-define what "religion" really means. The Urantia Book, while not in itself a religion, does inspire in the believer a new understanding of what religion really is, and the necessity for it in our lives. Please see our topical study on Religion HERE

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