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Is the concept of starseeds and indigo children lies made by new agers?

Thanks for this interesting question to us here at TruthBook, but I have to confess I really don't know much about these things. I did a short research though, and I did find out that as you said, these are supposed to be reincarnated beings, incarnated angels, energy beings, and something called "elementals."

I am not sure that I would characterize these beliefs as outright lies made by new agers; instead, I see this sort of thing as an attempt to make sense of life by people who are searching for meaning in a world that is very confusing. Many, many people are lost without a rudder - they are spiritually disoriented and unable to grasp the nature of reality. This has been going on for a very long time; it's just that now, these particular terms are popular. And somehow, this kind of thinking may help someone to feel that they are connected to the spiritual world. I see that some even use these kinds of terms to explain disorders like ADHD and autism, making it appear that these afflicted children are really just ethereal beings who have had a terrible shock at waking up on this world. And maybe this helps the parents feel better if they see their children as quite superior beings in spite of their mysterious maladies.

I do find this sort of thing a little disturbing though, just because these folks are identifying children as belonging to one or more of these designations; and ultimately, the children will be made to feel that there are certain expectations that they need to fulfill. People who believe these things are simply lost theologically; and it's probably not all their fault, but I don't like to see children being directed in these ways.

If you are a Urantia Book reader you will understand that there are no such things as starseeds or incarnated angels - no reincarnated beings or elementals. These are children who are like any other children, living their lives on the world of the cross. All children are special - all children should be nurtured and honored and loved. And no child should be led to feel that they somehow have a special ability or purpose other than that which is the birthright of every child born on this planet.

The teachings of The Urantia Book are so liberating and so sane. There is nothing of the bizarre or outlandish to explain the challenges we all face. When you read the history of our world, and understand what kinds of problems we still face today as a result of long-ago events, it can put everything else into perspective ... especially the disorders of body and mind that still plague the human races as a result of the Adamic default. The Urantia Book teachings give every student a new way of orienting themselves to the universe - a way that ennobles and elevates them to the status of son of God, and that gives them tools to use for dealing with life's problems - tools like prayer, worship, meditation, and service to others.

We are not alone - none of us are alone. We have a retinue of spiritual helpers on duty at all times; we have our Thought Adjuster, the Spirit of Truth, the Holy Spirit, and hosts of angels and midwayers. In my opinion, it should not be put on these children that they are somehow responsible for leading grown adults into some kind of spiritual awareness. It seems difficult enough for them to navigate this life without adding this extra burden. It is every person's choice whether to pursue spiritual truth - or not. Again, this is the part of this whole phenomenon that I find disturbing...

And as for these children being descending sons of God, like Jesus ... this would seem simply improbable, to put it mildly. The descending sons of God are of divine origin and include beings like Magisterial Sons, Creator Sons, Melchizedek Sons, and Life Carriers ... Not large groups of human children with tragic illnesses.

Thanks again for writing with this question; I hope this reply is helpful

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