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Mormonism, The Urantia Book, and Patriarchal Blessings

You wrote: "I have been a member of the Mormon church for over seven years. I have been given a patriarchal blessing from my Patriarch of my church. It is a personal revelation from God. It gives counsels, admonitions, and warnings. What is The Urantia Book's view on patriarchal blessings?"

Once we adapt ourselves to the teachings of The Urantia Book, we can feel that freedom to worship God without a church, or in whatever church we choose - and sometimes, it is a friendly thing to do, when we have a friend who worships in a different church than ours. With God, we can begin to lead lives of freedom and originality ... remaining close to God and finding evidences of him no matter where we may find ourselves.

In any event, this is a great question, and I'll try to give you a good reply. Again, I want to remind you that I am not an authority on this issue, and again, that The Urantia Book makes few pronouncements on organized religions ... except for the major world religions. Mormonism is not covered in its teachings, as you probably know.

The patriarchal blessing sounds like an interesting ritual. It appears as if this is an event that happens to "worthy" church members.

In my view, one can't receive enough blessings ... whether it is from a member of a church (in your case, a patriarch), a priest, a prayer partner, or anyone else who wishes to share God's blessings. Not having any reference as to what might be contained in such a blessing, I can't give an opinion as to its content or its impact on a believer. According to the the website cited above, it is a ritual that arises out of the book of Genesis in the Bible and is personalized to the receiver. Only you will be able to discern whether it is personally meaningful.

Again, if you are a Urantia Book reader, you know that Jesus and his religion of personal spiritual experience forever eliminates the need for priests, patriarchs, saints, bishops, popes and the like ... there is no intercessor needed in one's personal relations with God. However, I see nothing wrong with accepting such a blessing, nor with belonging to a church where you can worship God with others.

This reminds me of something that happened to me a few years back. I was raised as a strict Catholic, and about 10 years ago, I lost a close family member. It was a big emotional trauma for me, and I was in an emotional state of mind, unable to stop crying. My still-very-Catholic sister suggested to me that I go see the priest in confession and see if that might help my state of mind. I was very distraught, and I knew in my mind that it was unnecessary, having already embraced UB teachings, but decided that I would just ask for a blessing from the priest. It's a long story, but I'll make it short by just telling you that it was a very satisfying experience in the end. This quite elderly priest blessed me, and told me that his prayer for me was that I receive a greater revelation of God than I had experienced up until then. It helped me immeasurably to get through those difficult days of loss and grief. I truly did feel blessed and somehow touched by God through the ministry of this priest.

My point is that - just as The Urantia Book is a further revelation of God to mankind as a whole, God himself continues speaking to his individual children. How does he do that? The book tells us:

101:2.12Revelation as an epochal phenomenon is periodic; as a personal human experience it is continuous. Divinity functions in mortal personality as the Adjuster gift of the Father, as the Spirit of Truth of the Son, and as the Holy Spirit of the Universe Spirit, while these three supermortal endowments are unified in human experiential evolution as the ministry of the Supreme.

I have no doubt that this continuous revelation is aided from time to time by other human beings - people in whom we place our trust, or whom we feel are on the same page, spiritually speaking. So, when I read about this Patriarchal blessing, and its significance in your church, I am convinced that it might be a very good thing. If it was me, I would pay attention to it.

Even in normal, everyday life, I think we can pay close attention to what we hear, what we see, what we think ... once one has dedicated one's will and one's thoughts to God and his holy purposes, we can be alert to receiving words of truth, goodness and beauty, no matter from where they may originate. Knowing that we harbor not only the actual presence of God in our minds, but that that indwelling presence is also working in conjunction with the Spirit of Truth (which helps us recognize truth), and the ministry of the Holy Spirit, we may expect to be able to discern and enjoy God's guidance no matter where we are, who we're with, or what we're doing. Remember - there is nowhere where God is not present, and God is always accessible to us in the moment where we find ourselves.

Again, this is my personal opinion; I am not an authority on Urantia Book teachings, but since you are a long-time member of the Mormon church, it seems to me that there must be something there that feeds your soul. If so, then I would certainly take this blessing to heart ... or, at least, give it an honest and discerning study and take what is meaningful to you from it for use in your personal walk with God.

Thanks again for your note. I hope that my reply has been helpful today...

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