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2012 and the Ascension stories

Q: There are a lot of stories about 2012 and the Ascension scenario. What do you know (or think) about that?

A: One can always find predictions – -predicting is a favored pastime for those who would like to try to mold reality to fit their own particular interpretations. The 2012 predictions that I'm familiar with are mainly based on theories about the Mayan calendar which appears to end at that year, giving rise to speculations of many dire world events. That assumes that the Mayans could predict world events and that they had some source of transcendent knowledge – -neither of which seems realistic.

Since this prediction is now just 4 years in the future you might want to conduct a personal experiment. Decide now, well before the due date, what it will mean to you intellectually and spiritually if a predicted catastrophic event occurs in 2012 – -how you will alter your belief system, where you will then place your faith and trust. At the same time and more importantly decide now, well before the due date, what it will mean to you intellectually and spiritually if no such predicted catastrophic event occurs – -what effect will that have on your belief system and where will you then place your faith and trust and how much time will have been invested in thinking that produced no useful results. Then just tuck these reflections aside until 2013. In the meantime, there's a lot that can actively be done to make life more meaningful so that in either case, whether the prediction comes to pass or not, you'll find your life richer.

The teachings of The Urantia Book don't reinforce the value of predictions. The major happenings throughout history have usually occurred suddenly and without fanfare. Most predictions rest upon human gullibility, awe, fear, or assumed magical powers. Our lives are more fulfilling the more realistic we become, the less tied to wish, whimsy, and make believe.

And another perspective:

I have also heard of this date, and it is not only according to the Mayan calendar, but the Hindus also have a scheduled "ending of an age" predicted for this time. According to the Hindus, the ending age is the Kali Yuga, and is the age of metals and warfare. The coming age will supposedly usher in a 5000 year cycle of peace, culture and the arts. I don't know about predictions concerning any terrible events, but I am sure there are plenty of folks predicting such things.

I look forward to a time when we will experience more peace and see a flowering of global culture. However, wishing does not make it so, as Larry has pointed out above. But I do think that we can be optimistic, and pray that people begin to evolve in such a way that this kind of flowering can occur. And not only for all of "them, " but also in ourselves, for this kind of change will not occur as an imposition, but as a result of individuals desiring, and making it happen day-to-day in their own personal lives.

In any event, I think it is wise to cease dwelling on the "what-ifs, " and concentrate on the here and now living of our lives in such a way that we create peace for ourselves and for others. Remember, it is only in the here-and-now that we create the future, good or bad, so live a good life right now, and the future will take care of itself.

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