World Peace—A Study of Concepts from The Urantia Book

2. The Long Road to World Peace

From a human viewpoint war is hell; many believe that peace must be pursued over all circumstances. Many also believe peace is the answer that solves the problem of human conflict and misery and that achieving world peace will usher in a golden age.

Lifted from human sentiment to the perspective of the angels, war provides valuable evolutionary soil for cultural, religious, spiritual, and personal human progress until the time humanity naturally evolves beyond a critical level. In many regards, The Urantia Book extols those values of war which augment the evolutionary journey toward peace.

One of the tasks of this study will be to demonstrate that, in general, the human race has not evolved sufficiently to have earned world peace or to be beyond the benefits that war inflicts and, in particular when called upon, that Urantians should consider supporting their government's decisions regarding war involvement.


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