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Various Other Questions and Comments

Other questions   When I die due to old age, what will I look like when I am resurrected? Do I still retain my age or do I look younger?
 Does the soul have a gender?
 Why am I seeing 11:11 which is 1111? I know it has something to do with the 1,111 midwayers.
 When will the world end?
 Will the end times destroy the earth?
 Did Eve have children in old age?
 Is the concept of starseeds and indigo children a lie made by new agers? How could they exist if we dont have past lives? If they do exist, aren't they just the '
 Can I compare John 14:5 5-6 from the Bible with anything similar in The Urantia Book?
 Since there have been a total of 3 rebellions will God allow for a fourth or more?
 Why can't our pets join us on our journey to Paradise?
 The journey to Paradise seems almost pointless.
 In Paper 1:3, 56:1, as well as in Part IV, the quote: Be you perfect, even as I am is rephrased, but where is this mandate placed in the bible? I can see this in reference to Lev. 20:26, Mat. 5:48, but don't know to whom it was revealed?
 I've been checking out interviews with Dr.Neruda who claims to have received information from the Wingmakers. some of his material is exactly as mentioned in The Urantia Book. Coincidence or legit?
 Could the morontia worlds include what others call the astral dimensions, or might the astral realms be possible closer/lower border lands between our physical earth life now and the morontia level, or might the astral realms be simply a more conscious look and aware journey into our own subconscious mind and dream lands?
 How compatible are the concepts of the Urantia book with that of the Hermetic philosophies? Consider the Kyballion, Kaballah, alchemy, and the various principles within The Corpus Hermeticum. Are they confirmed, or contradicted?
 Is there a connection between the Nephilim and Adam and Eve?
 Can other beings or creatures travel and visit other inhabited planets. Is Urantia life and its people the only race that is confined to this space?
 What is there in my destiny?
 What differences are there, if any, between Heaven and Paradise?
 Is it possible for some people to be possessed by demons? I have seen someone possessed and it’s not a pretty site and not in the least humanly possible to crawl up a wall, feet first. What is your understanding according to this?
 Explain the difference between superuniverses, galaxies, and nebulae. The picture given in TUB seems to differ from modern telescopy.
 Do animals have souls and evolve to heaven?
 Where did the information come from to start the bible? And why weren't the lost books of the bible included? Also did humans exist in a spirit form in heaven before we were born to this life so we could choose whom we would serve?
 Does Urantia Book teaching exclude the idea that Urantia is the future capital of the completed Grand Universe?
 If the Urantia movement had churches, would same-sex weddings be performed by the Urantia clergy?
 What Does it Mean When People See Ghostly Apparitions?
 What is the Violet Race?
 Racial mixing on Urantia
 Why was Urantia (earth) placed under quarantine, and by who?
 How are our parents chosen for us? Do we choose them ourselves?
 Do dreams foretell the future?
 Neanderthals in Biblical times
 Is Earth still under quarantine up to this moment?
 Why do we still fight wars on Earth?
 Is the Antichrist already on earth?
 How could there be sin in heaven?
 Will we have speech abilities in the afterlife?
 Which beings in our universe are physical and which are spiritual?
 Which direction is Paradise from Texas?
 Do our dreams have meaning?
 Is sex sinful?
 What is the Correcting Time?
 Abner and the Early Christian Church
 Are Christians closer to God?
 Is farming and eating animals right?
 If Heaven has its own language, does Satan also have his own?
 What are the birthdays of each of the twelve apostles?
 Forgiveness - Question
 Was Jesus of Negro descent?
 How can I trust God?
 Selfish souls
 What did Adam and Eve eat?
 If evolution is so, does God interfere with the process?
 Signs of the baptism of the Holy Spirit
 2012 and the Ascension stories
 Does the "law of attraction" really exist?
 Will I ever be free of evil?
 Is it possible to be a bestowal son and not be fully aware of it yet?
 What Are The Twenty Most-Asked Religious Questions?
 Did man evolve, or was he created?
 Three Urantia Book Questions
 B.C, B.C.E, and C.E for historical dates
 Violence by law-enforcement
 Apparitions of Mary, Jesus' mother
 Human senses and abilities
 Will the earth end in fire and lava or in ice?
 How did Adam and Eve hurt this world?