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About The Urantia Book  If someone could just prove the facts in The Urantia Book through philosophy and science and do some public preaching... will it change the world?
 Is this incredible work of fiction supposed to be a lost part of the Bible no one knows about or something? I don't understand how I've never heard anything about all these extra Bible readings.
 I grew up reading The UB with my dad, and I have kids now. I want to share with them the really colorful or fantastic creatures in the Urantia Book. I think one was either in the garden of eden, or on one of the mansion world. Please Advise.
 What is the best way to share The Urantia Book?
 The Urantia Book doesn't appear to be accessible to most readers. The book uses language that is both antiquarian and invented. I just don't see why these angels and messengers had to use language that most people can't understand? For example, compare the Tao Te Ching with the Urantia Book. One will find a language (in the former) that is simple and clear, whilst the latter is too hard to understand.
 What do each of these names in The Urantia Book mean? 'Urantia', 'Morontian', 'Nebadon', 'Salvington'
 I have been reading the UB, and am up to Paper 101, section 4: “The Limits of Revelation”, and I am having trouble finding this consistent with other parts of the book. This sounds like a huge disclaimer.
 What Does Urantia Mean?
 Why is The Urantia Book called The Fifth Epochal Revelation?
 What would be an example of a circle making decision?
 Where does sin, forgiveness and atonement fit in to Urantia Book teachings?
 Are the Holy Bible and The Urantia Book to be studied alongside one another?
 What does The Urantia Book say concerning the endtime?
 Why does The Urantia Book use the term PSYCHIC so much?
 Where in the Bible (KJV or NIV) does it talk about not worrying about politicians or politics?
 Is the 1955 edition best to read?
 Urantia Cult
 Source for Urantia Book facts
 Are we ever re-born?
 Do you believe in Chakras?
 Where is Dalamatia located...?
 What is the pursuit of beauty?
 The bodies of the saints from Matthew 27: 52-53
 Can we do the things that Jesus did?
 Jesus' teachings in the New Testament
 Did Jesus eat after the resurrection?
 Is there any part of us that reincarnates?
 Soul travel and Eckankar
 I'd like to know if Rantowoc is connected with Ramtha
 Do fairies exist? Are they immortal?
 River of Knowledge and Edgar Cayce
 Inri Christo
 Don't you believe in reincarnation?
 Can we decide to reincarnate?
 Do you believe in past-life readings?
 Why is reincarnation so real to some people?
 Mormonism and Urantia teachings
 Are the Authors of The Urantia Book elitist?
 A Course in Miracles vs The Urantia Book
 Do parallel universes really exist?
 Why is Urantia called the world of the cross?
 Do we have intelligent planetary neighbors?
 Urantia Brotherhood vs Skull & Bones society
 Do you have Bible references on your site?
 The gospel of Thomas and the gospel of Mary
 Did Jesus fulfill Biblical prophesy about the spotless lamb?
 Isaiah's atonement prophesy reconciled
 Inconsistencies in The Urantia Book
 How do we know the cosmology of The Urantia Book is true?
 What is written about other Paradise Sons?
 What is a human being?
 Who wrote the Bible?
 Will I survive death?
 Kaneh bosm or marijuana in the Bible
 Some Uantia Book terms in simple language
 Why do we consider the Bible as the word of God?
 Urantia Book vs Aquarian Gospel
 The 7th Day Adventists and The Urantia Book
 Do you believe in numerology and astrology?
 Paul's letter to the Thessalonians
 Why did Earth receive a revelation from spirit beings?
 Reasons for the dates of revelations
 Prophesies in the book of Revelations
 Christians ask about The Urantia Book
 Why is our universe called Satania?
 The life of Jesus in The Urantia Book
 How was The Urantia Book written?
 What is a sleeping survivor?
 How many chromosomes are in the human genome?
 Urantia Book vs the Seth Material
 Evidences for the resurrection of Jesus
 Is the Bible truly the definitive work on salvation and eternity?
 Who is responsible for The Urantia Book?
 Urantia Foundation and Jesusonian Foundation
 Contact Commission and the Forum
 Dr William Sadler and The Urantia Book
 The Ark of the Covenant and Ethiopian Orthodox Christians
 Is The Urantia Book a New Age book?
 Is The Urantia Book racist?
 Akashic Records
 The Urantia Book and Astral Projection
 Local Universe Government chart
 Who are the "Student Visitors?"
 Details about Joseph of Nazareth
 What's the real story on Adam and Eve?
 The hierarchy of heaven
 The place of spiritual polarity on Earth
 Can revelation correct all errors?
 What exactly is "mechanistic materialism"?
 The Revelation of John in the Bible
 Who wrote The Urantia Book?
 Are there any scientific errors in The Bible?
 Is The Urantia Book better than the Bible?
 Is Jesus the Son of God or the son of man?
 If The Urantia Book was true, it would not contradict the Bible. The Bible does not support evolution.
 Are you trying to add to the Bible?
 By what authority was The Urantia Book written?
 Is The Urantia Book true?
 Anne Emmerich
 Plagiarism by the authors of The Urantia Book
 Why do we need The Urantia Book?
 Urantia Book and the Bible?
 Urantia Book Papers vs chapters in the Bible
 Is the Bible the only source of truth?
 John 1:1
 What differences do the Bible and The Urantia Book have?
 Why is the Bible in The Urantia Book but The Urantia Book is not in the Bible?
 What is the best way to understand the Urantia Book?
 Urantia Book and the New World Order - Question
 I want to know more about The Urantia Book
 Do theologians know about The Urantia Book?
 Read-along CD for The Urantia Book
 What is The Urantia Book?
 Urantia Book and patriarchy
 Will The Urantia Book help me increase my I.Q?
 Do the Urantia Book authors refer to the Gregorian calendar?
 Is there a version of this book made for a teenager?
 Jesus, God, Yahweh , and Melchizedek
 Why is The Urantia Book translated into other languages?