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About religion  The Urantia Book and Islam
 Legends of the Annunaki gods and The Urantia Book
 Is there any connection of Mormonism with the Jesus Papers?
 Why do we have different kinds of Pentecostal churches? Why not assembling as one Pentecostal church under one denomination?
 Patriarchal Blessings in the Mormon Church
 Is Urantia a religion?
 The 1000-year Reign of Christ Jesus
 Is there a Urantia church?
 Are Urantia Book believers Christian?
 Why do you talk about the religion of Jesus?
 Are you making a new religion about Jesus?
 Was Jesus a Taoist?
 Mormon doctrine of Baptisms for the Dead
 When did Catholicism begin?
 Krishna vs Christ
 Do all religions have value?
 The Raelian movement
 Eckankar religion and Eck Masters
 Jehova's Witness vs The Urantia Book
 How compatible is The Urantia Book with the Book of Mormon?
 Urantia Book teachings and Buddhism
 Christian Science and Urantia Book teachings
 Sefira of Kabbalah and The Urantia Book
 Is The Urantia Book a new religion? Is it a cult?
 Did the Apostles and the early church pay tithe...?
 What is Blasphemy?
 Sharing Urantia Book teachings in my church
 What is real religion?
 Do I have to give up my religion to believe The Urantia Book's teachings?