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About Jesus  Did Jesus really die on the cross?
 Are archangel Michael and Jesus the same person?
 How did Mary get pregnant if she was a virgin and who impregnated her?
 I have read a lot about the ascended masters including Jesus whose new writings as seen in A Course in Miracles is consistent with the Urantia Book. How do Ascended Masters fit into Urantia as they work only to help humans achieve Ascension?
 When did Jesus die? There are a lot of opinions but is there a date?
 I have not found any mention EVER of Jesus laughing... Smiling, YES or giving the impression of being pleased YES; but never anywhere have I read a description of Our Lord laughing....have you?
 Who is Christ and who is Jesus?
 We are told that Jesus is The Deliverer and not The Messiah. What is the difference between The Messiah and The Deliverer?
 If The Urantia Book supports that Jesus is the Messiah spoken about by the Hebrew prophets, then does the book tell why God did not tell the Hebrew people that the Messiah was his Son? the Jews don't believe that God is divisible and can be another entity.
 Was Jesus created or is he self existing?
 Does Attunement with the Thought Adjuster Equal Christ-Consciousness?
 Who is the current planetary prince of Urantia?
 When did Mary become pregnant with Jesus?
 Is there anyway to know which psychic circle you are personally in or where you really stand in Jesus eyes?
 Did Jesus really create miracles?
 Jesus never referred to Himself as the Messiah. So we have to conclude Jesus is not the Jewish Messiah. Is this a correct understanding?
 Who wrote the Jesus books?
 Did Joseph have physical sex with Mary for Jesus to be born?
 Was Jesus a created being? If God created him how could he be God in human flesh since he would have to have existed with God in eternity? Another question is: Who is the Eternal Son? What is his function?
 How old was Joseph when Jesus was born?
 Is Jesus the Eternal Son?
 How do I approach Jesus in the Urantia Book?
 Will the world accept Jesus soon?
 Did Joseph, the earthly dad of Jesus, have more than one wife?
 What type of relationship did Jesus and Satan have in Heaven?
 Did Jesus live to be old?
 Why do you only promote Jesus?
 Joshua Ben Joseph and Jesus of Nazareth
 Who does The Urantia Book say Jesus was?
 Why is Jesus called Michael?
 How are Christ Michael and Immanuel related?
 Who is Michael of Nebadon?
 What was the purpose of Jesus' life?
 What was Jesus doing when he was walking around Jerusalem?
 The missing years of Jesus' life
 Jesus as a teenager and young adult
 Why did Jesus have to die for us just to show he was right?
 Please explain why Christ died for our sins...
 What was Jesus' mission to the world?
 Do you believe Jesus died to save us?
 Is Jesus the Saviour?
 Why did Jesus incarnate here?
 Why was Jesus born as a helpless baby?
 Was Jesus really man and God?
 What happened at the Transfiguration?
 Is God ever angry?
 The difference between Jesus and Christ
 Details of Jesus childhood
 Jesus vs the Antichrist
 Did Jesus tell his followers not to write his teachings down?
 On which day did Christ rose the dead?
 The divinity of Jesus is a lie.
 Where is Jesus' spirit now?
 Stop using the Name of Jesus to deceive people.
 Does the UB give any description of what Jesus really looked like?
 Which race did Jesus belong to?
 In The Urantia Book, how does Jesus compare with God?
 What does The Urantia Book say the actual gospel is?
 How was Jesus really crucified, through His wrists or palms?
 Paintings of Jesus
 Did Jesus have any siblings from Mary and Joseph?
 The second coming of Jesus
 Is it possible to fuse and still remain on the Earth?
 Did Jesus fuse with his personalized adjuster?
 Was Jesus born in 7 B.C.?
 What did Jesus say to his disciples about setting up churches?
 How would Jesus vote?
 Are the teachings of Jesus practicable?
 Who is Jesus?