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About believing  I want proof that The Urantia Book is true
 How could God become a man? It is not rational.
 What is the relevance of Mary's intercession as taught by Catholics?
 I am reading Urantia and just read your version/interpretation of what the mark of the beast is. It sounds logical IF you don't take into account the whole account of Revelation and the book of Daniel and the beasts from the sea therein.
 How can one have faith, as described in the Urantia Book, without committing self-deception? I enjoy reading the Urantia Book, but strongly suspect it to be entirely of human origin with much content that is untrue.
 Why do a lot of Christians go to church on the first day of the week when Scripture plainly teaches to "Remember the Sabbath day", the seventh day?
 Do we have to believe both the Bible and the Urantia Book?
 You call The Urantia Book the new Jesus Story but according to Galatians 1 verse 6 it says actually there is no other gospel.
 What will happen during the seven years of rapture in heaven?
 The Urantia Book doesn't appear to be accessible to most readers.
 Is The Urantia Book a bible for those who read it like Scripture is for Christians?
 I was reading through sections of the book, and realized that the journey to Paradise seems almost pointless. The whole layout of the universes (both central and super) seem to be run via a strict, bureaucratic control. If we reach the Isle of Paradise, then why are we sent back to join this cosmic bureaucracy? Why would I want to go through these travails only to work as a bureaucrat?
 I've been a reader of The Urantia Book since '74. My question: Jesus is presented as a historical fact in The Urantia Book, but evidence is coming out now that there is no proof of his existence. Comments ?
 Is christened the same as baptized or different? I was christened and confirmed. Are you saved when you're christened and confirmed?
 Is evolution central to Urantia theology?
 I am a beginner reader of The Urantia Book and I have been in three various religions and all claim to have the truth ... do you make this claim also?
 Is it required to make the sign of the cross before praying?
 I have investigated a lot of churches, but I can't find one I like
 Try the Padgett messages; they fully explain who Seth is and what the Urantia Book is.
 I am confused about baptism. Being raised Catholic we were taught that Baptism washed away original sin. This I have always had a difficult time believing. As I read through the 'Jesus papers' I can't find that Jesus ever baptized anyone.
 Should we practice Yoga?
 Was I once an ape? I am having a hard time accepting this...
 Do all mortals begin their first life on Earth?
 Is cremation allowed in The Urantia Book?
 Is The Urantia Book a temptation of the devil?
 Should I take The Urantia Book literally?
 Why should anyone believe The Urantia Book?
 Trusting The Urantia Book
 Is The Urantia Book from God?
 How is a person condemned to Hell?
 Is Hell real?
 Is there a place called hell?
 Is water baptism still necessary?
 How can you know your destiny?
 What does it mean to be saved?
 Philosophy in The Urantia Book.
 Urantia Book and Sikhism
 Can children see God?
 Does The Urantia Book teach a version of The Golden Rule?
 Are Urantia believers born-again?
 How does evolutionary science fit in?
 Who wants anything to do with the god of the Hebrews?
 Is Atheism a conspiracy theory?
 The Mormon Church and the brotherhood of man
 Can a person who really knows God reject him?
 Will I go to Heaven?
 Are there self-conscious Destiny Reservists among us?
 Is original sin real?