TruthBook video announcement

TruthBook video announcement

Dear TruthBook Friends and Family,

For several years now, we have been sharing the good news of the Jesus paintings project with you through these announcements. If you happen to be new to our newsletters, you should know that Mo and Jennifer Siegel have been commissioning paintings that depict scenes from Jesus' life as told in The Urantia Book; paintings that utilize the considerable talents of modern-day masters of fine art. And the collection is growing bigger and better each year!

Today, we want to share a new video with you that showcases many of these paintings and encourages the viewer to discover the story of Jesus’ life as told in The Urantia Book. Over the years, we have introduced each of these works of art with you, piece by piece, so you will be familiar with many of them.

Created by David Kantor and Lowel Pierce, the short video opens with the question: "What If...?

It goes on to ask: “What if someone had been there to keep a detailed record of the life of Jesus?"


What if Jesus... Video

Of course, as all Urantia Book reader/students know, someone WAS there, and HAS told the real story of Jesus in all its glorious detail in Part IV of The Urantia Book. Accordingly, the paintings in this video reflect this glory, telling some of the stories frame by frame.

This video captures the majesty and dignity of Jesus' life as portrayed by the stellar galaxy of artists chosen for the task of capturing these scenes; amazing talents such as Michael Dudash, Slawa Radziszewska, Jeremy Winborg, Russ Docken, Gerry Metz, and others. Accompanied by a simple piano/string duet, the video is a compelling and colorful endorsement of Urantia Book teachings about Jesus. Among the topics are Jesus’ "missing years," the Mediterranean Tour, scenes from Jesus youth and young manhood, his year of solitary travel, life with the apostles...many thrilling scenes are covered in the film.

Incidentally, the works chosen for the video are a relatively small sampling of new Jesus paintings. There are now over 35 original works of Jesus art in our Religious Art Gallery. The majority are new, original works, and there are several "old masters" as well by Harold Copping (August 1863–July 1932), that we are quite fond of. And there are more to come! Right now, there are six brand-new paintings in production that will be completed in the foreseeable future; as soon as they become available, you will be among the first to see them!

We hope that you will be inspired by this labor of love by David and Lowel; inspired enough to share it with all of your family and friends who love Jesus, or who wonder about him. We hope you'll agree that "What If..." is a video that is worthy to watch, worthy to share; and that these stories of the Master deserve as wide an audience as possible. Seeing such a beautiful treatment of these fine works of art may be just the gentle appeal that could effectively inspire a new reader!

Your TruthBook Team