You'll Never Walk Alone

Come and enjoy a NEW Flash presentation about the inhabited universe, the comforting presence of angels, and the divine spirit that dwells inside you. Feel the thrill of realizing you are a universe citizen, part of a cosmic consciousness that assures you are divinely loved. You will discover that it is literally true - you never walk alone, and you never will, for you are eternally fellowshipped by the Father himself.

Do you feel isolated at times and wonder if anyone knows - or cares - who you are? Have you suffered from that familiar feeling of existential loneliness? We all yearn for assurance that this life is not the lonely, solitary journey that it sometimes seems to be. That assurance is here. God has provided his creation with innumerable beings, many of which exist solely to befriend mortals like us, and our new presentation will help you to recognize, love, and commune with them.

If you've read Part 1 and Part 2 of the Urantia Book, you know the reality of the universe in which we live. Our planet is one of trillions of worlds inhabited with people like us. And human beings are just one order of free will creatures in a friendly universe filled with thousands of types of beings. If your eyesight was expanded right now on earth, you would see a vast host of intelligent beings around you. These beings span from near humans to seraphim, archangels, and other orders of beings much more resembling the Divine Father in Paradise. The universe teems with intelligent, loving, and friendly personalities that range from the finite to the infinite.

I loved working on this new flash, designed to give you a cosmic hug. You need never again feel small or insignificant regarding God, the immensity of God's vast creation, or your special place in it. Discover a friendly and intelligently planned universe; meet your angelic companions, and the very intimate "Divine Monitor-Thought Adjuster" who dwells within you every moment of every day. Even if you find yourself isolated from human companionship at times, the knowledge that you are part of an enormous and far flung universe, yet lovingly and personally fellowshipped - by God's design - can make even the darkest of days brighter. The assurance of Heavenly, angelic help can help you to feel part of a cosmic family extending throughout the heavens, making even stressful times a lot lighter.

We hope you enjoy these few moments of music, paintings, world class photography, and superb teachings from the Urantia Book. If you like this presentation, visit it as often as you wish and pass it on to your friends!!! Give them the gift of experiencing the reassuring teachings of the Urantia Book concerning God's universe and the loving beings that were created to befriend you through every trial and every joy.

You truly do possess "friends in high places" so that when you next gaze out at the vastness of the starry realms, you will be comforted, knowing that you belong, you are loved, and you are cherished - just as you are.

It is forever true: you're walking with angels, and you'll never walk alone.

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In the Spirit,

Mary Jo

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