You Can Live Forever

Dear Friends

Announcing Truthbook's Newest Presentation,

For the first time in a few months, Jim and I ate dinner together and talked for hours. We spoke about work, kids, travel, and various sports injuries plaguing our aging bodies. Suddenly Jim fell silent. He stared down with sunken eyes painfully tired from grief. "You know Cindy's kid? He jumped off a 50 foot cliff and landed head first into a pile of rocks. His text-messaged suicide note brought neither closure nor consolation. For his mom and dad, their lives were instantly devastated." Such a miserable waste of life swept away by another potentially preventable teenage suicide.

I left our dinner thinking about the suicide and the tattered remains of that family. How could this happen time and time again. I desperately wanted to bring him back from the dead and scream, "Wait, don't jump. The Divine Father has a plan for your life? You matter, you count, and you can make it." That night the haunting vision of a young man drowning in a sea of helplessness kept replaying itself. Quick, grab the orange life preserver and hang on. Too late, he's gone. But it's not too late for helping someone else. So began the imperative for creating this presentation, "You can live forever"

With hope for the discouraged, the sad, the troubled, the broken hearted, or those simply needing a spiritual boost, the team at Truthbook joyfully presents reassuring and uplifting teachings from the modern spiritual masterpiece, The Urantia Book. In this three minute and thirty second flash presentation, "You can Live Forever", you'll read encouraging teachings complimented by some of the world's finest photography. When you or anyone you know doubt if God loves you, watching "You can Live Forever" will invigorate you to rise above your fears by exercising your faith. You'll feel renewed about living a meaningful, relevant, productive, and happy life right here, right now. You'll also feel certainty that the eternal, infinite, and all knowing Father in Paradise does love you. God knows who you are, where you live, and desires that you live forever.

The Father's compassion for you runs so deep that the Creator actually lives and dwells within you. You are not alone; God goes with you every step you take. God shares in your accomplishments, your pain, your joys, and your sorrows. God provides the survival plan for your future. Faith in God unlocks the door from this world to the next. Your race, religion, economic standing, social status, education, or life circumstances can not hold you back. The pot of gold under the rainbow awaits you, the clearing on the other side beckons. The Father provides all the necessities for your eternal life; you just need to actively agree with his plan.

I close thinking about the raspberry bushes growing in our front yard. When our family picks the ripe raspberries, harvesting them stimulates production of more berries. If the berries go to seed, the branches immediately stop producing and dry up. By constantly producing usable fruit, the bush flourishes, thus yielding more abundantly after every picking. Giving stimulates growth. If this presentation, "You can Live Forever" helps you, be like the raspberry bush; pass it on to yield more fruit.

Be of good cheer,

Mo Siegel

Click the image above or here for You can Live Forever flash presentation — (approx. 3 mins. in length)