Truthbook’s Discussion Boards Were Disabled

Update: On June 14th Truthbook's Discussion Boards Were Disabled

Greetings! and Apologies!

The saying is that problems come in threes but hopefully two are sufficient this time. You most likely just received a newsletter dated February, 2004 by mistake; the wrong button was pushed. Sorry, here is the intended newsletter...

As you may have noticed, our Spiritual Chat Room (discussion board) was hit by a hacker's program about 2 weeks ago and has been down ever since. Our board and several thousand other sites' boards were disabled by that particular attack. Usually it would be a simple matter of restoring the board and the data from a backup kept by our service provider but the discussion board software was deemed too readily accessible to hackers and our provider declined to reload our application. So, in order to keep the board and all the terrific threads of discussion in tact, we found a new service provider to host them. This provider specializes in this kind of board software and keeps current with related security issues.

Unfortunately, further difficulties arose when the new provider was unable to convert the backed-up format. This meant that we'd either have to re-launch the board from scratch (worst case scenario) or find a way to convert the backed up material. After much effort we were successful at converting the data and our discussion board, with all the existing forums and threads in tact, is again available for use. (Many thanks to our wonderful site engineer!)

We appreciate your patience with this and hope that those of you who enjoyed this feature will come back and participate in the lively discussions that always go on there. In the future, should something or someone disable our discussion board again we are confident we will be able to simply restore the boards from the previous day's backup preventing such a prolonged down time.

If you've not been a user of the discussion board, now may be a good time to check it out. Here's the link to the discussion board or you can access it from the upper right of our home page.

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Thanks for you ongoing participation and support.

The Team.