News Alert from TruthBook: The Great Jesus Stories!!!

Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce a new collection of stories and paintings on called “The Great Jesus Stories”. This is part of an ongoing project to collate - and illustrate as best we can – the most intriguing and illuminating Urantia Book stories regarding Jesus. We searched the world for illustrations and painting of the Master’s life and have added them into the stories. Keeping in mind the Urantia Book’s strong admonition regarding portraying the Master as a man among men and not an emaciated mystic, hopefully the paintings reflect him as he really lived.

While it will take additional months to include more stories and find appropriate art, we have a terrific start on the process. During the journey of searching for great Jesus paintings, we have been experiencing a growing hunger for new art that depicts stories of the Master found only in the Urantia Book. Since a picture tells a thousand words, what a joy people would experience to visualize Jesus with Jacob the stone mason’s son, the painting on the floor, Jesus speaking to Rebecca-the daughter of Ezra, Jesus listening to the young man who was afraid, Jesus with Ganid and Gonod, Jesus with the Chinese Merchant, Jesus as the caravan conductor, etc.. If you love the idea of recreating his untold stories in paintings, someday we will commission artists to paint them. Your generous donations to the Jesusonian Foundation (the non profit owner of TruthBook) for this purpose would be greatly appreciated!!!

Just click here:

The link to the "Great Jesus Stories" can be found at the top of Click and see. Then click on any or all of the topics. They are rather extensive. Also, if you know of world class paintings not included in this study, please tell us about them. They must be copyright expired or the artist must allow us to use their work. If you aren’t sure about the copyright, e-mail the painting information to us and we’ll check or contact the artist.

The topics in this current selection are:

* Parables
* Discourses
* Miracles
* Non Miraculous Cures
* Brief Encounters
* Stories of Jesus' Youth and Young Adulthood
* Personal Ministry Stories

In the very near future, these topics will be expanded.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank those people who regularly vote on “Quote of the Day”. Your votes are enormously helpful. Your feedback gives us an understanding of what people do and don’t like. Our mission is to get these life saving teachings into the world. Feedback matters! Please continue with this effort.

In the Spirit,
The Truthbook team.

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